Do you use Netflix/ Spotify?

As the title says. I'm just curious ;) Any good alternatives that you recommend?

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  • Neither, I know some of the other mods do use Netflix, but I've never really seen the appeal.

  • Google Play Music (comes with Youtube Red) and is the same monthly price as Spotify

    • Which also has the benefit of not ads on YouTube and a free donation to a YouTuber of you choice? Can you save songs for offline use?

      • You can save YouTube videos for offline with YT Red. Not sure about Google Play Music. Apple Music lets you save songs for offline listening and it ties in with iOS and macOS better so I use it.

        • Just did a google search, Apple music works on Android, and I'm guessing it will work on itunes for windows. I might give it a try :3 What's the download quality like (320k)?

        • @Rowjo: Yeah, works on Android and Windows. Mostly use it because of it's system integrations on iOS though. Quality is good, not a expert as to exactly how much/

      • You can save videos offline with YT Red, and Google Play Music you can save music for offline use also. I use android so it's a good system for me. No ads on youtube is really noticeable I think!

        • I was just reading the youtube red features, background play :O It doesn't appear you can use google play music on Windows though :p [edit] I just saw youtube red has an Audio only mode, so I guess that makes up for it

        • -1


          Works on windows - used it as my main service before Spotify family

        • @stuntah: I might give Youtube Red/Google Play music, Apple Music and spotify all a go, cheers

        • @Rowjo: Yeah, it works on Windows through Chrome, though it doesn't have a standalone application.

  • I use 🍎Music

    • How much does it cost?

      • Free 3 month trial then:

        Individual Membership - NZ$12.99/month
        Family Membership - NZ$19.99/month
        Student Membership - NZ$6.49/month


        • I'm surprised it's NZD, Student Membership - NZ$6.49/month + 3 months free

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