expired Sky Basic, Sky Sport, Sky Movies, My Sky and Free Installation $49 Per Month (Usually $115.74)


Call 0800 475 988 and ask for the $49 deal. Please note this is not the standard Sky number, it is their telemarketing number.

The base deal is: Sky Basic, My Sky, Free Installation + 2 premium packages for $49 per month.

For example:

• Sky Basic, Sky Sport, Sky Movies, My Sky and free Installation = $49 per month (usually $115.74) - $800.88 savings over 12 months compared to existing subscriber rates.

• Sky Basic, Sky Sport, HD Ticket, My Sky and free Installation = $49 per month (usually $104.80) - $669.60 savings over 12 months compared to existing subscriber rates.

For any Premier League fans, it might be possible to get Sky Basic, HD Ticket, My Sky, free installation and Bein Premier League Package for $49.

This deal is for new customers only. There is a minimum term of 6 months, and the special price will last for 12 months. After that it will return to the standard pricing. You can then cancel and sign up to the deal again after 3 months if you wish.

If you have any trouble signing up, please let me know.

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    There is also sports only for $39, with mysky. But who doesn't want HD for an extra $10?

    Dear Sky. It's mid 2016. HD should no longer be considered an additional option…


    Great deal. Does this mean we can get the whole package for $39 without the HD ticket?


      For $39 you can get Sky Basic, My Sky, Free Installation + one of the premium add ons (Sky Sport, Sky Movies, HD Ticket, Soho etc.) For $49 you get two premium add ons.


    So with this if you wanted to, you can try the package for just the 6 months and then cancel for whatever reason?

    This does look a good deal for new sky users, I've never had sky.


      That's correct. Ask the question when signing up just to be sure.

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      Yep, you're locked in for 6 months.

      So that's at least $234 for sport and no HD at $39 per month.
      or $294 for sport and HD at $49 per month.

      If you like it, you can keep going at that price for up to 12 months.
      After that you revert to full mental price, and you never want to go full mental man.

      We got this a while back for the rugby, F1, Warrior and the Olympics.
      Will run through the winter season, and then cancel over the summer.
      At this price I may very well resign next winter, assuming the deal is still on.

      In my case the telemarketing group was nice to deal with, but when the account was passed to Sky they stuffed up nearly every aspect of the install, meaning they didn't show on the date agreed with the telemarketing company etc and we missed the first weekend and had to be at home during work hours on another day etc. Akin to having to deal with chorus for a new broadband install etc.

      Once in though, the service has run fine. Would highly recommend the HD ticket if you're getting sport. If you're not getting sport, I'd highly recommend the likes of Netflix…


    I suppose this won't work if you've got SKY through Vodafone?


      Nope, you can't already have SKY. Best you could try for is a different person at the same address, but it's dodgy and may not work.


    If I'm a current subscriber, can I cancel my account and sign up under a flatmates name to get the deal? Thanks


    Hi there, Can i cancel my current subscription and sign up to this?? thanks


    rugbypass.com best option if you want rugby


    I got this deal through a lovely lady named Moe and she made the whole process easy. Ring and ask for her on 0800475988. I had no issues with install.

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