Buy One Get One Free Sodastream 440-500ml Syrups (From $11 for 2 Bottles) @ The Warehouse


Seems like an ok deal with a good selection of flavours.
Prices between $11 - $14 each so around $5.50-$7 per bottle.

The 2nd and/or subsequent items must be of equal or lesser value — Offer ends 16/07/2024

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The Warehouse
The Warehouse


  • I find the Sodastream Syrups way overpriced (even at half price)
    I use the 750m Bickford's cordial in mine. They taste great.…

    • I don't find the cordials much better price wise. The cordials are more dilute, recommendation is generally 1 part cordial to 4 parts water meaning although it might be 750ml, you're only getting about 4L total liquid out of it. Even if you find their recommendations are stronger than you prefer, you might get 6-7L. And although it's been a while IIRC I didn't find their recommended dilution that far off with what worked for me.

      Sodastream Syrups for the Pepsi range it's supposed to be 9L total liquid, and 11L for the other range. I generally prefer them slightly stronger than they recommend, but even if I'm only getting 6-7L out of the Pepsi, this still compares favourably to what I get from the cordials and at $5.50 this is a similar price to what the cordials cost. (Nothing equivalent to Pepsi Max means it's only of limited interest to me generally, main reason why it's been a while.)

      I'm only thinking of the Sodastream branded syrups. I think that the SodaPress syrups are similar to cordials dilutionwise so are expensive. I tried the lemon grass one once and while it was interesting wasn't worth the price, or the sugar to me.

  • Same offer at Warehouse Stationery.
    If you are buying a lot or have other items to get then free delivery with $85 spend.

  • Do you know if you can price beat at Mitre10???

    • For one bottle, yes. Doubt they'll price match the promo.

      • Yes very unlikely. When Briscoes do their 50% sales (the normal ones, not F&F) which include Sodastream, since it's a simple 50% off and shows the discounted price on their website, you can price match. Briscoes is slightly more expensive but it still ends up better. There was also that weird JB Hifi thing earlier in the year but I'm not sure if that will be repeated. Warehouse did do this last year or maybe it was 2022 so seems to be something they do on occasion.

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