Friends & Family: Cost +5% TVs, Whiteware, Cellular, Computers; Cost +7.5% Smart Home; Cost +10% Storewide @ Noel Leeming


Unsure of how the pricing will compare to the likes of CSCBG pricing, but will have to wait and see.

We’re excited to announce that Noel Leeming Friends & Family deals are nearly here! We wanted to give you an early heads up, so you can share the news with your colleagues, family, friends and your community. Feel free to include the flyer below in a newsletter, forward this email, or post on your social media.

From the 8th to the 21st of July 2024, there will be amazing deals on a huge range of tech and appliances available both instore and online. Plus, 2.5% of total sales will go towards ensuring children living in poverty can thrive and reach their full potential through Variety - the children’s charity.

  • Cost*+5% - Computers, Whiteware, TV's, Cellular
  • Cost*+7.5% - Smart Home
  • Cost*+10% Storewide
  • 15% off Tech support and product protection*

Full terms and conditions:

  • Offers in this flyer run between 8th July - 21st July 2024, while stocks last. #The offer is cost* + 5-10% on products storewide, excluding Dyson products, - Apple hardware (including iPhones) gaming consoles and bundles, Endeavour and Tech.Inc products, bonus, free or half price items, IT accessories, PC software & consumables, AV accessories, storage & power products unless otherwise stated, Gift Card purchases, iTunes cards, mobile phone top cards, laybys or delivery fees. - 15% off all Tech Solutions & Product Protection. - ^All Tech Solutions and Product Protection terms & conditions apply. Any additional work charged at $99 per hour. Ask us in store, pick up a brochure or visit online for more information. - *Cost reflects the average cost price of the product including administration and handling costs, any volume related adjustments which may apply and GST. Offer is available online and cannot be used in conjunction with any deferred and/or interest-free credit offer other than Zip or with any other promotional offer. Flybuys consist of 1 Flybuys for every $50 spent at Noel Leeming. Noel Leeming Flybuys and Flybuys Membership Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for more details. An additional 2% surcharge applies when purchasing items on a credit card. See in store for details. Some of our nationally advertised specials may be at a lower price than this offer but you will receive the best price available on the day for the item/s you choose

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    SuperGold version (July 15-28)

    Last F&F Noel Leeming post

  • With the code, which means we can check out the discounted price online?

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      One would assume so, we will have to wait until the 8th to see

      • Hopefully that is the case. Don't recall they have code in previous years for this.
        This would make it much much easier to get pricing instead of asking each product one by one and they mostly come back with very average discount.

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          They had the code back in March, and also any other time I've seen the promo offered

          • @kfr23: I never noticed it. It would be so much better than asking the staff per item.

  • online code doesn't seem to do anything/is not accepted?

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      8–21 July / in 7 days

      • lol I thought about this soon after posting. Good stuff!

  • Is this any good for appliances like fridge & washing machine?

    • I've never needed whiteware when these have come around so can't comment, but with the online code, at least you should be able to view the price without having to go into the store.

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        Barely any discount or no discount at all - a washing machine that was on sale a week ago at NL for $748, is now $984.67. A whopping $14.33 discount (from $999).

  • please recommend good gaming keyboard for teens (that doesn't break my bank), thanks.

    • +1…
      $67.49 with N3/CSC, pretty good as i have been using this to play both fps and moba for the last 1.5 years, but if the kids like more clicky keyboards this might not be the one

      • Thanks! I will ask them to check this out. They did mention about "clicky" keyboard. (I only care about the cost and reasonable quality)

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          If you care about how long it lasts, don't buy Razer keyboards. Keychron is good, the C3 Pro is $82.59 AUD with free shipping on Amazon AU.

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      If you want cheap, you could give this a go as it is currently on sale…

      it looks like the one I currently use, which was a Kogan branded one that you can't get anymore.
      I have a brown switch, and 2 red switch keyboards that look the same as this. All three work flawlessly. infact one of the red switches was for my brother which he got just for the switched and I had to unsolder them for his more expensive keyboard haha.

      I paid about $60 for these and I can't fault them at that price point.

      However for $29+shipping I dont think you can really go wrong

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        forgot to add. these cheap ones I have are still flawless (except the LED in one of the keys (lost its red)) and this is 5 years after I initially bought to.

        Side note: My current work keyboard is a wireless red switch one that I retrieved from the neighbours skipbin when they were moving. They said to help myself.
        Only thing was it had lost its dongle. but works great with bluetooth or USB, just cleaned it up with some isopropyl and it looks like new haha. best $0 keyboard I've ever brought

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    As always with these things it's average cost +. Use pricespy, don't trust that the voucher is necessarily the best price.

  • Daily Deals are back

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