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Receive 3,500 Points When You Link Your Everyday Rewards Card and Spend $60 (Single Transaction) @ MILKRUN App


Using the MILKRUN mobile app, link your Everyday Rewards card to your account and spend $60 on your next delivery to receive 3,500 points. T&Cs apply.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid from 6 June 2024 until 7 July 2024 ("Promotion Period"). Participation in this offer is open to any person who, within the Promotion Period, is a New Zealand resident aged 18 years or over, is or becomes an Everyday Rewards member, holds or becomes the holder of a MILKRUN account and links their Everyday Rewards account to their MILKRUN account (“Eligible Everyday Rewards Member”). Any Eligible Everyday Rewards Member who spends $60 or more at MILKRUN in a single transaction during the Promotion Period, will collect 3,500 bonus Everyday Rewards points, in addition to one Everyday Rewards point collected, as an Everyday Rewards member, for every dollar spent at MILKRUN. Read full offer terms and conditions.

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    FYI: 2,000 points gets you a $15 voucher, so this deal has a value of about $26.

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      Peanuts to Woolworths to take your data.

      Considering the mark up on Milk Run, you aren't really winning much, if at all.

      No thanks.

      • yep bit like ubereats , giving you $20 but markups are huge
        forcing you to buy crap

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    don't forget dosh cashback 7% ontop of dosh's monthly 1%

    • I just looked at Dosh but what do you mean about the 7%?

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        Goto the deals tab, you'll see if you make a purchase using your dosh card and making the shop via the link there, you can get 7% back

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    A few questions, is this for first-time milk-run users only? Or for the first purchase after linking an account?

    Secondly, does the $60 consider any discounts or vouchers used?

    If anyone has already made this offer and can elaborate on any details, that would be helpful.

    • Support is a hassle.

      Contacted Milkrun support, and they claimed it's for first time Milkrun purchases only. I referred them to the terms of the offer and how nowhere under eligibility did it specify it was such a case. They claimed that eligible refers to their own criteria for customers.

      The original partner page here states 'first linked transaction' and 'Using the MILKRUN mobile app, link your Everyday Rewards card to your account and spend $60 on your next delivery to receive 3,500 points. T&Cs apply.' 'Next delivery' instead of 'first delivery' was against what I was told.

      I then contacted Everyday Rewards, who said that despite making purchases before, as long as I link my card, and then spend the required amount, this would be the 'first linked transaction' and qualify for the boost. They also stated that using a promo code was included in the $60 amount, excluding the delivery fee.

      I love going through hurdles just to get a simple thing clarified and get told conflicting information.

  • I got this fully processed today, it took a support call to make it happen.
    Milkrun recognised my Everyday Rewards account and I could log into it, but the bonus points failed to materialise at all. They had to do it manually after I chased them up.
    My purchase was on Friday 14th, the support call was on Monday 17th, and the bonus points showed up today (Thursday 20th).

  • Oh man what a pain to get the points. I purchased on 13th June. Took multiple support enquiries because they said it’s only for first time Milkrun users.. which is not what offer page says. They’ve done a ’good faith’ offer for the points which should take another 2 weeks

  • Also had to call everyday rewards but this was easy and took a few minutes. All I needed was my reward card number

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