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Xbox Wireless Controller (Carbon Black/Robot White) $68 + Shipping ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ PB Tech


Coloured controllers are $75 from PB Tech

Also available for
$68 (Black/White) or $77 for coloured at Mighty Ape
$68 (Black/White) or $78 for coloured at JB Hi-Fi
$69 (Black/White) or $79 for coloured at Noel Leeming
$69 (Black/White) or $79 for coloured at The Warehouse

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PB Tech
PB Tech


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      His name is Xbox

  • Upgraded from xbox 360 PC controller, it has been pretty good.

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    Its $90 with windows adapter which is a good option too.

      • side note: Only get this one if there isn't bluetooth on the PC/laptop.
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        The adapter has lower latency

        • Does it?
          Didn't know / had not seen anything myself on that but if you say so.
          Prob better to use it in USB C cable mode if you care about latency, I only use the controller for singleplayer so YMMV

          • @Fox419: i suggested the dongle because i would get interference and input lag, the console/controller uses a proprietary RF signal.
            You have to disable the bluetooth power saving option in device manager if you are getting issues.

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            @Fox419: Bluetooth is an awful standard all round.

            "One factor is Bluetooth is on the 2.4GHz band, and WiFi on that band is many times more powerful - so Bluetooth packets can only get through in the gaps between Wifi transmissions. Many of the Bluetooth devices around use Nordic Semi nrf5x chips, and we know that with those chips if there's a single wifi transmitting at one end of the frequency band and all the BT-type devices up at the other end there's still significant interference effects. Also the short wavelength (~10cm) means the RF bounces and refracts all over the place, often resulting in small dead spots where devices fail to communicate (and the dead spots move about as the environment changes,e.g people moving around)."

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      Definitely recommend the dongle. Had issues with two controllers connecting via Bluetooth, with constant disconnects. changing power settings didn't solve it. Dongle fixed it and connection is much quicker

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        yea the dongle - Supports up to 8 wireless controllers, plus up to 4 chat headsets or 2 stereo headsets at the same time.

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    Can this be used on Apple TV to play games?

    • I believe so. I know that they can be paired to iPhones/iPads.

  • Would be great if we get any rechargable battery deals sometime soon. :) Here's to hoping!

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