Creality Ender-3 V3-SE 3D printer $299 + Shipping ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ PB Tech


Not quite the deal from Wakrak in the low quantity thread but lower than the last Jaycar pricing deal posted here.

Same price is also on offer at Jaycar.

Also noticed PB Tech have a selection of the creality filaments on offer from $26 which could be useful to get anyone started.

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PB Tech
PB Tech


  • Got the v2 just before they announced the v3 the v2 is already good and the v3 is amazing.

  • Jaycar now offer at least 1% price beat, might be worth asking about for anyone interested

    • The Northlands one in CHCH had advertising for 10% off for new members joining their stupid "club" last time I was there.

  • Trying to justify a purchase…what are some practical uses for a 3D printer?

    • +1

      Main use I've seen is printing parts for your 3D printer.

      Browse something like thingiverse and see what people have made. I'm intending to use it a bit for fidget toy style things for the kids or stuff like brackets to store things like tool batteries and the car charging lead. All weird bespoke things that are hard to find exactly the right thing for my use case.

    • When things break around the houses I can easily make a replacement, my car windshield washer fluid cap got lost so I printed a new one, otherwise it was like $20, My sister bought a pool table so I made them some cue stick holders, knob on stand mixer broke so I just printed a new one.

    • Wall brackets to hold things.

      Storage trays to sort things out.

      Basically it lets you organize the unorganizable by making custom stuff for things to sit in so you have like mini shadowboards to know when a tool or item is not put back.

  • Thanks, I needed a new rode microphone mount. You can buy them for silly money, or 3d print them.

    Any excuse right :)

  • 3d printing at library is very cheap unless you want an expensive hobby at home. Nothing wrong with it. Just saying.

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