Free $20 Arcade Credit Voucher (Redeemable in-Store Only) @ Timezone Fun App



That’s right, twenty whole dollars to spend at any Timezone in New Zealand.

And if you have already claimed our previous $20 voucher, you can claim it again and come play again! Wow!

Now you can spin it, shoot it, bop it and grab it on us.

Don’t miss out, this limited-time offer is available for a fun time not a long time.


Promotion date: Friday 7 June - 30 June 2024.
Voucher can only be redeemed once per person.

$20 Voucher and Load a further $40 to get a total of $120 Promotion

$20 voucher (“Voucher”) redeemable in-store only at Timezone, Zone Bowling and Kingpin venues within New Zealand between 7 June 2024 and 30 June 2024. Not redeemable for cash.
The redeeming guest must quote the Voucher code and provide their first name and phone number at the time of redemption for validation purposes.
Upon redemption, and at the option of the redeeming guest:

a) A $20 arcade credit will be loaded onto the redeeming guests’ existing Powercard. If the guest does not have a Powercard, a new one will be issued; or

b) A credit of $20 will be applied toward the cost of an activity in the venue. Any part of the credit which is not used at the time of redemption will be automatically forfeited. If the cost of the activity exceeds the value of the credit, the balance must be paid with an alternative payment method.

Guests who redeem a Voucher for arcade credit and elect to load a further $40 onto the same Powercard at the time of redemption will receive a total of $120 in arcade credit (comprising the $20 value of the Voucher, the $40 load and $60 in bonus credit).
Arcade credit is only redeemable for game play at Timezone, Zone Bowling and Kingpin venues, and is subject to the standard Powercard terms and conditions above.
Vouchers cannot be applied toward the cost of Birthday Parties or Group Bookings.
Each guest is only permitted to redeem a single Voucher. Vouchers must be used in a single transaction, cannot be used for online transactions and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

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  • +1

    Great! Another chance to win a Mario.

    • +2

      I am loving this!! I topped up the $40 to get the 120 last time. Just save it up for the holidays for the kids! I only ever top up during double dollars so its a great deal!

      • Hah same!

      • Yep, me too. Felt like a bonus on a bonus.

      • I think this is the same voucher as I don't see any new voucher after claiming the same $40 for $120 last time.

        • You should receive an in app barcode that you then have to have scanned in store for it to activate.

          • @wowbigdeal: Nothing is showing up on My Voucher section of the App.

            • +1

              @Mico: Try rebooting the app. Hopefully that works.. it did for me.

      • T&C's say the we can do the $40 payment to top up to $120 again.

    • Which Mario are you after? One of the smaller claw machine prizes or those overly huge mario with ridiculous amount of tickets 🎟?

      • Yea just the little one. Or a turtle would be sweet too.

  • Anyone have trouble opening the app?

    • Not me. But note this time the code is only redeemable if you go into the venue rather than being able to redeem through the app ^_^

      • +1

        It worked for me via the app, but it still provided a barcode for the venue staff to scan.

      • +1

        Thank you yes as dragooncn mentioned, I just claimed it in the app and will pop into store to redeem it. Do you know how to redeem the $10 welcome credit? I ask the staff the other day when i redeemed $20, they said I will receive a code in my email for the welcome credit but i never.

        • Also to add. I got the pay $40 get $120 offer just like last time!

  • +1

    Entered the code and and got the message mentioning 'that an error has occurred, try again later'. I restarted the app and tried again, it worked. Good find OP.

    • Ill give it a go, thats what i had popping up when i tried it on the app

  • Limit exceeded message pops up after putting code.

  • Just added the code and topped up with $40. Got $120 added on the card

    • Did you top up in the store or through the app?

      • In store

  • +1

    Not working with Android, got oops something went wrong error and have to use an iphone

    Might got guest over campaign limit too, keep trying and it will work

    • +1

      Worked if i copied the code, typing it gave me that error

  • Hmmmm I see they have reworded the promotion to make it clear now that the $20 and $40 become $60 off. They must have got a lots of complaints. Still yet to hear back from them via email.

  • Is this a new promotion? As I have redeemed mine 30th of May same $20 dollars as well

    • New - same promotion but can be used again even if you have redeemed it previously

      And if you have already claimed our previous $20 voucher, you can claim it again and come play again! Wow!

  • Anyone getting Guest Exceeds Campaign Limit error when they try to redeem? I've redeemed it from the previous promotion.

    • Yes, I was getting the same error. (I have never installed the app before). It took about 30 attempts for the app to accept the promo code, and others were having the same issue this morning according to the girl working in the store

  • Applied this to a new account today and the guy in timezone said just keep retrying it in the app until it takes it. 2 or 3 attempts later it worked fine.

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