eufy X8 Robovac Smartvac T2262T11 $368 @ Bunnings


Eufy seem to have reduced these as they've got newer models. They utilise a laser so they're better than the more common bump models at this price.

They do require 2.4Ghz wifi instead of the newer 5Ghz.

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    Interesting review on Amazon AU, thought it might be useful

    It claims multi floor mapping in the advert, but it will not do multi floor mapping unless you buy another charger for every single new map, even if its only a mezzanine or studio room.

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    Note that pretty much every robot vacuum is 2.4Ghz, as with most smart switches, fridges etc. Most modern routers will accommodate both frequencies automatically.

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      True, just not all routers have it enabled as it slows networks down

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        Turning off 2.4GHz doesn't speed up 5GHz

        • If anything leaving mine on hells my wifi. Anything that is just generic noise and traffic and can't be run with a cable gets stuffed on 2.4ghz and the 5ghz network is reserved for phones, tablets and laptops that the speed is actually a benefit. One of the reasons I wanted to stick with Asus routers was that I k knew the 2.4ghz could be easily segregated in to it's own ssid to help stop noise on the faster half of the network.

  • Thanks mpc!

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    Error 404 - Sorry, page not found!

    • Hmm, they're still on the app. Ring your local store

  • Anyone have this robovac and have any feedback? I note doesn't have the mop function of the hybrid, nor a base unit.

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