4 months Free Broadband on a 12-month Contract @ Slingshot (New Customers)


Essentially, this deal; can't unexpire so have to repost.

Still live folks, surfing on a lovely fast 900+ Mbps connection. Switched over from my old provider easy-peasy. Nothing to pay for the first 4 months, works out as $872 for the year for the Gigantic Unlimited plan. I don't think it can be beaten currently.

Used the cheapies link rather than glimp.

HTH someone.

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    An alternative would be Contact's CONTACT400 promo if you bundle their electricity with internet.
    Fibre 300 comes out to $80 p/m * 12 = $960 - 400 = $560 for the year.

    Fibre Max at $95 p/m * 12 - 400 = $740 for the year.

    It's an additional $10 a month in savings for the Fibre max plan in comparison to slingshots (caveat is your power needs to be with them ofc; but I find their Good nights plan to be unbeatable)

    I think you can save an additional $10 p/m if you sign up to their regular rate power + broadband bundle as well. (70 and 85 p/m for 300 and max fibre respectively)

    Best part about it? No 12 month contract - you just need to be with them for 30 days on the broadband and utilise the credit towards your power.


    • you just need to be with them for 30 days

      and then reopen the account in your partner/flatmates name for another lot of savings

    • Nice deal.

      Seems my electricity rate is lower with current provider, AFAIK anyway since they all use voodoo to try to obsfuscate comparisons

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        Contact Energy Goodnights Plan is really good, we have been on it since it first came out and I often check other power companies offers but nothing can beat it. The single biggest electricity cost for a household is electric hotwater cylinder. We manage to heat our water every night between 9pm and midnight (got an automatic timer loaded on our switchboard) and it lasts us right throughout the day - admittedly it is a 250L Cylinder and a relatively new house. This is for a family of 4 although the two kids are still quite young so aren't having long showers yet!! Usual powerbill is $100 - $120 per month which is for 650kWh of which 450kWh are free. Not very good if you are on gas heating or solar.

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          We thought Contact were really overpriced, we are with Frank for power and gas.

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          Hi Cheapies. It is strongly recommended you get expert plumbing hot water safety advice first, before trying this Contact 3 hours free late night H/W on, then many hours H/W off extended method. The reason is simple but critical: home hot water systems are designed to maintain a safe set H/W temperature of 60 degrees Celcius. This is to both prevent high temperature scolding risks but crucially stop the H/W temperature falling well below 60 degrees C when the H/W is off for long periods, which could then allow dangerous bacteria etc to get in and grow in your H/W system. Which you then could accidentally injest from cross contamination of your tap water mixers, or breath into your lungs in the shower steam mist !. Such pathogens include the very dangerous Legionaires disease, which can kill older and immune compromised younger persons. (Especially so now after the huge damage done worldwide to the public's lung - immune body systems from the Cxxxd weaponisation).

          • @ROBDEE: As long as the tank goes up to at least 60°C once per day it should be fine. Putting HWC on a timer is common practice in many countries and doesn't cause any issues.

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    Please for your sanity do NOT sign up with Slingshot.

    I signed up for this same four months free deal using Glimp last year. They did not apply it, and I called and emailed numerous times and they first ignored it and then outright blamed ME (and lied about it) for not doing something. To this day I have not received four months free and tomorrow is the last day of my 12 month contract and you bet I'll never be using a 2degrees company again.

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      I had exactly same thing with mercury. They didn't apply sign up promo to me and when I approached them they blamed me for not entering the "code" during sign up. But the thing is there wasn't any code when I signed up. It was just promo banner. They changed it few weeks later and then said it was my fault for not doing things right.

      Next time just use cool down period and leave if they are stupid enough to argue with just onborded customers.

      Anyways this was a while ago now.
      But experience can be crap in any company. Same "smart heads" working everywhere. Welcome to NZ

      • On another though… Cool off period is usually "days" and you will only know that promo didn't apply in the next month more likely… So can't use it either. Huh…

      • what cool down period?

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      I think it really depends on the person you deal with because I had the opposite experience. I was coming off a 12mth deal with 2 degrees and set the disconnection date with them to move to this Slingshot deal over 30 days in advance so as to not incur any early disconnection fee. They stuffed up and disconnected me immediately and blamed Slingshot. Rang Slingshot and they said they could see on their systems that a customer rep from 2Degrees manually disconnected me a month early and they managed to get me fully connected the same day by adjusting the connection date to the same day. In addition, 2Degrees tried to charge me an early disconnection fee for their stuff-up and Slingshot had already warned me of this and made a note so I simply called back and they removed the fee within minutes.

      TL:DR Your mileage may vary but I've had no issues so far.

      • By the way, Slingshot is owned by 2degrees, and use the same support staff.

        • Yes I know, which is why it was doubly annoying any issues at all occurred and why 2Degrees claimed it wasn't their fault when Slingshot had access to the same backend data/logs. The same way Slingshot was able to erase the errorneous fee from 2D.

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        Most of the time with your annual contract arrangements ie power, internet, mobile, insurances, the average person will never have to get in touch with these companies.

        That was not the case with Slingshot. I had to get fibre installed into an apartment which I bought, and had to line up dates etc.

        I've had a bunch of calls and emails over the year with Slingshot. Every single interaction has been appalling. It is honestly enough to make me think there has been a mandate from the very top for customer service to be real dicks, give nothing to the customer, concede no ground.

        I'm in my 30s, so I've had dozens and dozens of 1 year contracts a la this plan with Slingshot, and I have never ever experienced such bad customer service.

        I had to explicitly reference the CGA and the relevant failure to deliver in a timely fashion clause to demand they get my fibre working (which was supposed to have been done weeks ago). Magically it was working within 24 hours!

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      It sounds like you had a bad experience with Glimp. When I signed up using broadband compare, they sent me a couple of follow up emails asking if all went well. Alternatively, if you ring the ISP asking I saw this deal from xxx they may sign you up the same deal - slingshot did this when I signed up. In saying that I agree that the slingshot CS is poor but their Fibre is good.

    • You should try the TDR to attempt to resolve it


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    Mercury 6 months free, call sales if not listed on the website.
    6 x 109 = 654 for 12 months Fibre Max.

    • But this requires you to bundle with power?

      • No

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          The current offer on their website says it does.

          When you join on a 1 year electricity and broadband bundle contract.

          So as you mentioned, the sales team would probably need to be contacted.

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      The last time I checked bundling power and internet I would have been hundreds of dollars worse off than getting separate deals
      Internet was slightly cheaper but the power was a lot more expensive

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      Just had a Live Chat with them, and wasn't able to access the deal :( Chat history below :)

      ME: Hello, do you have a deal for 6 months free broadband with a 1 year broadband contract? Someone recently suggested you do

      MERCURY: Good morning, my name is [name] and I will help you today. Yes we certainly do have a deal like that at the moment. It will be 6 months free broadband on a 1 year term, but it would need to be bundled with Power in order to get that deal and we also have a 2 year deal where you can choose a Samsung appliance.

      ME: Are there any plans that don't include power? We get good rates through our current electricity provider, so I'm keen to stay with them

      MERCURY: Sadly not [name], all our deals are for a bundle package only, if you only want the Broadband you will not be able to get a deal and you will pay full price for it.

      • This is what I get in the email from the sales person [email protected]. The first option is not bundled.

        We offer two Fibre speeds 300/100 $91 and 800/500 $106 – both with unlimited data.

        1) Our first broadband offer is six months free fibre on a 12 month contract.

        2) Our second power & fibre offer is “You Choose” which is a 24 month contract that gives you a free big ticket Samsung home appliance for free. We offer Samsung Smart TV’s, Washing Machines, Fridge/Freezers, Stick Vacs, Soundbars, Mobile phones, Dishwashers, amongst other items. You also receive the Total home Wi-Fi eero6+router with this offer, a great addition to your home broadband set up.

        Here is a link which provides an explanation about the new Eero 6 router we use these days.

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          When they say "Our second power & fibre offer", it's worded as if the first offer also requires power.

          • @kfr23: Yea don't waste time, gave her a call and it's bundle only

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    Any providers with good deal who are not using CGNAT? I am with Slingshot and don't have cgnat, but I believe new connections are dealt by 2d, so they are using CGNAT.

    Would have jumped to Contact if they were not behind CGNAT.

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      My checks have shown I'm not behind CGNAT fwiw…

      I'm a brand new user

    • A bit confused by your comment. So you're on CGNAT with Slingshot or no? They piggyback off 2Degrees but when I was on 2Degrees, I didn't have CGNAT. I then switched to Slingshot for 2 of my properties and I'm not on CGNAT for either of them. I actually checked with 2Degrees and Slingshot before I signed up.

      • I am not on cgnat. But I read somewhere that new connection where having cgnat. Looks like that's not the case.

    • You can call Contact and be taken off CGNAT if you ask

      • Ohh. That's good to know. I will try it next month when my contract is done.

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    Gotta say, early days but it's been smooth. My account shows the 4months free broadband offer even with date of expiry!

  • Does Slingshot use same hardware framework as 2D? As in, virtually everything the same when it comes to how they route traffic, quality of connections, backend settings etc? Kinda like Skinny running on Spark? Thanks

    • Yes, all the same, just like Orcon, Stuff Fibre (now also part of Slingshot)

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