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Seems to work on everything, decent discount on ski helmets & goggles just before the season.

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Smith Optics NZ
Smith Optics NZ


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    I have had some Smith glasses (specifically for riding) for a while now, and even ended up buying some replacement lenses from US. They are great, lightweight and all that - but the lenses always are the weak point - they loose their coating too easily and even go totally crackled (even lenses that I have not used have gone crackled and degraded).
    Really disappointed and I expect more from a "premium" glasses brand.

    • they're super overpriced in my experience. you're definitely buying for the brand at this point

    • I've had the exact same thing happen with Ray Bans polarised lenses. I didn't realise they were the acrylic version when I bought them instead of the crystal (glass) versions. I kept them in a case when not in use and didn't use anything harsh on them, but a thin layer still peeled from the lenses in less than a year of owning them. I popped the acrylic lenses out and popped my old glass polarised lenses in. DO NOT BUY RAY BANS WITH ACRYLIC LENSES.

  • I've had numerous Smith sunglasses over the years and so has my wife, I use mine almost everyday and they got some abuse. Earlier this year my $350 pair lasted 3 years before the lens started to "de-laminate", if you look on Smith Optics website it says that they have a lifetime warranty. So I raised a ticket and sent to Smiths and they were replaced within a month.

    Another example is we sat on a pair of my wifes $200 pairs of smith sunglasses, these also were sent back to Smiths and they were also replaced. If you have your receipt its certainly worth trying. I was very impressed with their service.

  • Thanks for sharing ordered a set, checked my old ones and they are due for a refresh. XL IO Mag. Last set seems to hold up well, the magnet thing is a gimmick though

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