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Tokyo, Japan Return from Auckland $843, Wellington $853, Christchurch $855 on Fiji Airways [Aug-Mar] @ Beat That Flight


Price drop from last month! That one has a larger date range though, so Ieaving it there and linking to it.

Our favourite deal is back - Fiji Airways return to Tokyo, Japan! If you time it right you can do a stop off in Fiji too for a day or so.

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Auckland to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Aug 24 - 31 Mar 25

Wellington to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Aug 24 - 31 Mar 25

Christchurch to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Aug 24 - 31 Mar 25

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  • I am getting $811 for the 5 Nov to 30 Nov date through Mytrip. Is there something that I'm missing?

    • What I noticed is that the price of adding a baggage is more now from $87 or $89 to $107 or $109, which would make the price pretty much the same as this post if you were to add a baggage. So if there's no need to add a baggage then you'd be getting lower airfares I believe! :)

      • It was actually around $129 if I wanted a bag

    • Prices fluctuate as well, so it's entirely possible to get a slightly different price a few hours later(!). The joys of air travel supply and demand :/

    • Also make sure you're viewing it in NZD, not say, AUD.

      • I believe it's in NZD, the subdomain is nz.mytrip.com. Price fluctuations make sense, I just didn't think it would change that much.

        I can't actually check the price now, I get "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator." when trying to go from your website to Mytrip.

        • Yeah I looked after writing the above and got $811 as well. Def in NZD! It's letting me connect to mytrip, so if it's stil a prob for you, try an incognito window.

  • +1

    If you guys wanted a shorter trip, try 21/2/25 - 5/3/25! I wasn't able to book the $861 price without baggage via mytrips though (when I tried to pay it said I gotta to pay $910 for carry on only due to high supply and demand), so I paid $922 with 30kg checked baggage via flightnetwork :)!

    • wait, fiji air does not come with checked in luggage?

      • +2

        Not by default

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