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Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones A$89.99 (~NZ$98.89) Delivered @ AnkerDirect via Amazon AU

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I bought these for my wife the other week to help with her sensory issues. I see they're still on sale so thought I better share with the community.

You'll be paying about $50 more to source these in NZ.

These are generally regarded as very good value for money.

- Sound Guys
- Head-Fi

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Thank you Lord Wakrak for tidying up.

  • Really good headphones. Comfy and the ANC works well. My only gripe is the build quality. The plastic on the headband eventually will crack or break.

  • Tempting.

  • How do these compare to WH-1000XM5?

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      Much better

      • I own XM4's and the Q30's.
        The noise cancellation isn't even close the XM4 are in a different league.
        BUT the Q30 are really good value for money with decent noise cancelling, although IMO not as great with lower frequency noises like on the bus. I got mine for $120 ages ago.

      • I've tried both and XM5s a very much superior. But a lot more expensive too.

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      They won't be as good as they are 1/4 the price. Sonys are class leading with their ANC and tough to beat.

      I'd say this is probably one of those thing though that you'll hit diminishing returns. These would be fine for most use cases and people. It's probably 80% of the experience for 25% of the cost. You'd get more comfort, better sound/ANC with the sonys but the 80% might be fine if you aren't listening for 10 hours a day in ridiculously noisy environments.

      Also worth remembering all ANC is best with consistent low frequency droney type noises like plane engines. They are not great at getting rid of conversations or kids close by. If that's your aim noise isolating is what you want to physically block the noise out instead and spending $300 more will be better but not achieve your goal.

    • XM5 are better, no contest.

      Better, but not $400 extra better. Most people would be happy with the Q30.

  • The biggest negative I can see from a brief review skim, ANC does not work over AUX, only Bluetooth.

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      This was ultimately lead me to not get these for someone. They were going to be a gift to use on a flight as a one off but the need to buy a Bluetooth adaptor in top to use anc on a plane was too much faffing for a one off use case.

    • That sounds pretty common?

  • any deals on the q35's?

  • I have these, got them as a second set for TV etc, nice build quality and NC for that price range.

  • have one for more they a year - no issues. sounds a bit worse then xm4 but good for a money

  • Scrolling around and found this. Fake I would assume? Still perhaps a bit strange they are on Dick Smith. Third Party supplier that wasn't vetted properly I guess.


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      Listing doesn't specify sony. But one of the photo shows sony logo. So not sure what to think about it

      • Quite obviously fake lol

    • Undoubtedly not authentic.

  • I have the Q35 (lowest level with wired active noise canceling, which was important for me for plane use.

    Generally happy.

    Ear cups are bigger than the q30.

    Good comfort, sound quality and ANC.

    Microphone quality is dissapointing. Had enough people complane I avoid using it for calls now

    Odd false positive with the pause on removal feature (guess it could be turned off, but havn't tried yet)

  • +1

    If anyone gets these, recommend checking out the Mr Cow tuning. Can tune once in the app and the headphones keep that tuning with any other source.


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