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Ethique Deodorant Sticks $12.59, Shampoo / Conditioner Bars $13.99 + Shipping ($0 CC/ in-Store) @ Chemist Warehouse


Ethique fans - Chemist Warehouse are currently selling a lot of Ethique products at a good discount (~36%). Examples:

Deodorant Sticks $12.59 (usually $20 at Ethique)
Shampoo and Conditioner Bars $13.99 (usually $22 at Ethique)

They also have body cream, cleanser, storage trays, lipsticks and soaps.

Hit the 'Go to Deal' button to see all Ethique products they carry.

Free click and collect in-store or free shipping over $50.

Unknown start and end date to these prices.

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  • Amazing soaps, had one in the drawers for over a year, used it recently, it was stil top notch.

  • I was surprised when I recently bought my annual shampoo bar from Lush and saw it had increased from $18 to $21, so this seems like a great deal.

    Has anybody tried the ~$5 bars from Ali Express?

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      The $5 shampoo bars from AliExpress are good, I've tried lots of them.
      I've been getting shampoo soaps from Temu for $3 and they are as good as the $20 ones sold at local stores.

      • Wow, how can they sell them for that much cheaper?! Surely a knockoff lol

  • Great products. I'll never go back to Rexona after switching to b:bold and ethique deodorant. Way less BO using natural deodorants in comparison to antiperspirants and no sticky stains ruining my shirts

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