$50 off $100 Spend Voucher (1 Week Wait after Submitting Form) @ Samsung NZ


Free $50 voucher to spend at Samsung.com for recycling your e-waste with Samsung.
They had their recycle day the other week in Auckland and this is the form to submit to claim your voucher.

You can just fill in the form and put down any 'tech item' as item returned. Took about a week for the voucher to come through.

Thanks for bringing your E-Waste to recycle.
Samsung would like to reward you with a $50 e-voucher to spend on Samsung.com. Simply complete the below and your E-Voucher will be emailed to you within 5 days.
Terms & Conditions apply.*

*This voucher is valid for purchases on samsung.com/nz until 20th August 2024 with a minimum cart value of $100. Apply code at checkout to redeem. Voucher can be used in conjunction with other offers.

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  • +2

    Has anyone else actually received it, i tired over a week ago and still got nothing

    • +1

      Yep i received mine today hence the post. I wasn’t sure if it’d come through either

      • +1

        That's why i said anyone else 🤦‍♂️😂

        • Not me… i actually did it and queued up at Eden Park for 45 mins.

  • +4

    I tired this last time it was posted and never got the coupon. Tried again today, but says email registered already. Used another let's see. I actually want to buy nvme drive if I can

    • +3

      Yes that reminds me of the same deal last year. Never received the voucher. But the same email was accepted this time.

  • Does the voucher work on EPP?

    • Yes it does work on EPP.

  • Any deals on the$100 mark? The Samsung pps 3 port charger is $99. :'(

  • Reminder Shopback has 2.5% cash back as well.

  • I am looking at buying a cover for a Galaxy Tab S9 FE, so if anyone wants to share a code that they are not using please send me a DM. I signed up for the voucher last time and this time, but I'm pretty sure I never received one.

    • +1

      Why not get a cover from ali express/temu?

      • might do. if i can get official locally for $50 ish with coupons im ok with that.

    • If they are anything like my previous Samsung cases just go Ali express. I've had multiple phone cases and one for my tab A8, they all failed relatively quickly. I'm by no means abusive and used to just run my phone's with no case and never broken one doing that, the cases are massively overpriced and fair no better than a $10 one from Ali express that I replaced them with.

  • Anyone recieved their voucher after seeing this post yet?

  • Any luck?

  • There is a deal on 10% cashback on Samsung TVs i wonder if this applies to EPP?

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