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NordVPN: 100% Cashback for New VPN Plan Customers and 25% Cashback for NordPass (Exclusions Apply) @ ShopBack NZ


Shopback NZ doing upsized Cashback on NordVPN. Excludes: Fees, taxes, Service charges, shipping and delivery fees.

Can any current users plz confirm if Nord VPN:

  • works for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar?
  • works for countries: Singapore/Malaysia/Turkey and other Asian countries?

Referral Links

Australia: random (32)

$40 for referrer and $10 for referee after first confirmed purchase and adding banking details.

New Zealand: random (153)

$5 for referrer and $5 for referee after accumulating $10 of confirmed cashback from purchases in 180 days

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    Remember to choose US to avoid paying gst which is excluded from cashback.

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      So pay in USD?

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        Yes, I got charged NZ$138.89 for the 2-year basic plan.

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    Some tips/notes from an expired Oz version of this offer which may or may not be valid for the NZ version

    • A new customer is defined by NordVPN. Simply use a new email address at their end.
    • All plans (discounted or not, excluding upsold products) are eligible for cashback (2-year, 1-year, monthly). So unless you really need or want the extras, best option (IMHO) is to simply choose one of the Standard plans and not Plus or Complete.
    • A tip from comments in previous posts is to select a country with no GST to save further at checkout as GST is ineligible for cashback. Pay with a card that does not charge overseas transaction fees.
    • And finally please remember you have the safety net of NordVPN's 30-day money back guarantee should tracking fail or if you’re not happy with the product.
  • Anyone know if this works in China accessing Google services? May need it for a trip coming up

    • Don't think so. All the well-known VPNs are blocked in China.

  • Hi Just not sure about 100% Shopback, does that mean if I pay 2 years plan for 81.56, then i can get 81.56 back to my shopback account?

    • It excluses GST and other (if any) fees. So you'll probably get a bit under that price back.

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    That's the US currency. I was charged NZ$138.89 and the cashback was $132.36. Cashback doesn't cover the bank currency conversion fees. I should have used Wise to avoid this.

    • Did you use a coupon code? Amount for 2 years basic comes to USD99.63 … is that the lowest I can get it for currently?

      • No code. See the top comment to remove gst.

    • I used Wise to pay for this and selected USA as country and got pretty similar to your amounts. Was charged $139.29 (incl. 0.48 Wise conversion fee) against my Wise account and cashback tracked at $132.36. Though since I got the $5 referral bonus, it brings it down to just under $2 for a 24+3 month plan :)

  • Just topping up my wise card and found this code.

    Use coupon "2YCOUPON" to get extra 3 months on 2y plan
    1YCOUPON' , 1-year plan,
    , 50% discount

    Found on reddit posted 2m back. Not sure of expiry

    • Charged US$83.48 NZ$138.51 (. 48 wise usd fee)
      Tracked NZ 134.50
      27 months vpn basic.

      Used wise Usd and set US as tax country.

      Also noticed the were two different prices on two different devices of mine, one higher one lower. Almost settled at $165 but found the lower price again.

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    I got charged $165.86. Thanks for heads up on changing country. I set it as united states to take off the 15% GST. Cash Back Tracked at $158.06 so cost me a grand total of $7.80 for NORDVPN for 24 months it looks to have added an extra 3 months also as now covered through to 13th August 2026.

    • I noticed this higher price on a second device of mine, not sure what's up with that.

  • My PIA subscription is valid till September. If I don't activate my NordVPN account until then, will I get my 2 year subscription starting from September?

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      I believe so. I paid for two years and ended up with 2 years and a bonus 3 months.

  • Where do you get the cashback and how soon? Same credit card or some other channel?

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      Cashback is paid into your shopback account. The NORDVPN purchase on my account says confirmed by 27th July so would be able to transfer the money from your shopback account to your bank account by/around this date.

      • Using shopback for the first time here. After I purchase the vpn via the shopback app how do we know if it tracked properly? I just did but not sure where I can view I bought via shopback and pending cashback thing. When I click on the NordVPN offer it does say Upsized, does that mean it has been tracked already?

        • Just got an email confirmation back from Shopback that my purchase has been tracked.
          Purchased Plus Plan for 2 years with 3 months bonus for 126.63 USD (Picked US as tax country) via Wise (was charged 207.50 NZD (0.72 NZD fee))
          Cashback Tracked at $179.25 not sure why it was almost $30 short.

          • @kapiton09: Because you went for the plus plan it was basic which was 100% cashback. Basic plan was spprox $99 full cash back on this. The extra you added was only 25% cashback from memory.

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