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60% off Mad Rock Concorde Quickdraw Express Set 6 Pack $76 + $8.99 Shipping ($0 with $95 Spend) @ Gearshop


A deal for those of you who rock climb. Gear like this very rarely goes on any kind of sale, let alone 60% off.

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    right, time to learn rock climbing

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      This is the Cheapies' way! Forget about all the other gear you need

  • I was curious about what 26kN meant since this is rated for "Major Axis: 26 kN"

    "A memory aid for pound-handicapped rescuers is to think of a friend who weighs approximately 225 pounds and nickname them "Kilonewton." Then when you see a piece of equipment rated at, for example, 26 kN, you'll quickly know that gear could hold 26 of your friends."


    • It's the shock force rating and not the maximum weight it can hold. It's the calculation of gravitational acceleration and your weight.

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