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Tech.Inc 30000mAh Powerbank High Density $25.77 + Shipping/ $0 C&C @ Noel Leeming (CSCBG Premium Account Required)


Good deal with 2 years warranty.

A compact portable battery charger that you can take anywhere
Portably charge your USB devices
30000mAh battery capacity
Warranty: 2 years
Safety protection circuit

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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    How to get CSCBG Membership

    Make sure you choose CSCBG Premium membership as CSCBG Main is more expensive ($45.56 instead of $25.77)

    • Do u happen to know any other membership where I can get a discount on kindle?

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        You could get another $10 off $100 by signing up to myNoelLeeming.
        Other than that nothing else I can think of.

  • when you click and collect, do the staff ask for ID to check you have the membership?

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      No - only ever been asked for ID (ie Drivers licence) to prove it was me collecting the order, not for membership.

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        Never check membership.
        I once purchased something in store and showed them the cscbg pricing on my phone, they honoured the cscbg pricing!

        • technically they're supposed to scan the card / code for cscbg. There's a prompt on their till but almost everyone just zeroes it out

    • Have been asked twice, once when the item I purchased wasn’t available in that colour when I went to pickup, and they had to change the order instore to another colour.

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    Be careful on the size and weight of these powerbank

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    i owned some powerbanks of the same brand, the quality is not great

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    Note that this one is too big to take on a plane (max is 27,000)

    • Which airline are you talking about? AirNZ allows up to 160Wh. This battery is 111Wh. Jetstar asks to you pre approve anything between 100-160Wh, but doesn’t say not allowed.

      Correct me if I am wrong - in which case I might consider returning my purchase.

      • The usual internationally accepted maximum is 100Wh, or around 27,000mAh. Some airlines will allow more but it's always a gamble when it's time to go flying.

        And remember it's often airport security, not the airlines that confiscates powerbanks. I wouldn't bring anything more than 20,000mAh.

        • From AVSEC website:
          "You can take up to two that exceed 100Wh (but they must not exceed 160Wh) for example two power banks; or one power bank and one battery; or two batteries) if your airlines approves carriage."

          Its not very clear but essentially the rule is 100Wh, anything between 101 and 160Wh will need airline approval. Also, be prepared to have your bag searched when going through security as AVSEC will have to confirm the size.

          • -1

            @Jamesy22: It's not just AVSEC, but foreign airport security as well. IIRC they'll ask you to take out electronic items, including powerbanks to be scanned on a separate tray.

            Picking a fight with airport security can easily get you into trouble, is it worth picking over the finer points of powerbank allowance, and then having you and your family miss the flight?

            • @Avantime: @Avantime I was supporting your comment that anything over 100Wh is a hassle to travel with.
              Not sure how you interpreted my previous comment as people should go picking a fight with airport security?

              • @Jamesy22: My point is that foreign airport security can be very unforgiving, so best not to start arguing with them the finer points of powerbank limitations per airline.

                So travellers with big powerbanks (especially above 27,000Wh, but my limit is 20,000mAh) should be prepared to lose them if they tell you to hand it over.

  • Same price on N3 membership

  • "30000" mAh

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    The reviews on Noel Leemings website shows this is a piece of junk.

    • With powerbanks this size you'll want to charge a laptop with it, but it requires an output wattage of 60W minimum to 200W+ for gaming laptops.

    • The 25$ price well covers the cost of the battery itself. The outputs are meh. Like the other member said, would be neat if it supported PD 65w.

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    I have one, I've had it for almost 1yr and used it often in my car its pretty good.
    I also got mine when I was staff for like $30 so this is good price ;).

    Mine is decent IMO :D

  • Just placed my order for one thanks op been eyeing on this for ages

  • Thanks! Great price. Been waiting to order one of these for camping for ages :)

    • For camping I just bought a 22.5W PD charger that fits my Makita lawnmower batteries, and it also includes a flashlight. It was about USD 13 on Ali (I guess links to it are not allowed)

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    Showing as 35.08 for me.

    • Yep, same. Looks like it's changed - was showing 25.77 for me about an hour ago.

      • Yes. The N3 price has also changed to $35.08

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    These are crap. Had one it was rubbish then got replaced with another which again was useless.

  • Would never buy a no brand power bank.

  • The only cheap power banks that I had a problem with were the four 1-Day Smart Dual Powerbank 10,000mAh which only cost about $4 each on a clearance special. Every one of them literally blew up in size, but they did not explode. I've had no problems with the Tech.Inc brand so far . I have 3 10000 and one 30000mAh. The 30000mAh does fast charge my Samsung, at a slow fast charge and will charge my MacBook Air. A two-year warranty and a quarter of the price of the overpriced namebrand it's a pretty good deal. The biggest downside of this 30000mAh battery it has a low output, and it takes forever to recharge.

    • Low quality pouch-type cells will swell up in time, especially if little used and stored at 100% or 0% (which is why manufacturers charge batteries to ~50% to maximise its lifespan on retail shelves). Cylindrical cells is a bit more resistant to swelling.

      • Yes, I know, but I have many different brands from Belken, Samsung, Huawei and various other no name brands, which some of them have failed over the years but not as catastrophic as these 1-Day, smart, dual power ones did and all very much at the same time.

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