[Preorder] Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Series Phone from $348.99 (+ Free Redmi Watch 3 with Purchase of Note 13 Pro) @ PB Tech


Pretty good value for money phones compared with the likes of a Samsung A54. While these phones aren't flagship quality they are about a third the price.

Personally I think I'll wait to see what the Poco F6 pro looks like later this year but it won't be for sale in NZ domestically.

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      Good idea. NFC is only available on some models. The PB Tech ones don't appear to have it which was a deal breaker. A bunch of the AliExpress ones claim to have it

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        Be sure to check it on Ali. Have seen some PB pages that use a generic image for the phone with NFC emblazoned but the tech specs say no. Other retailers might also use generic marketing copy.

      • I thought these phones looked pretty decent especially at their preorder pricing, I'm sure that will end up being the sale price, but no nfc in 2024 seems kinda bizzare. I don't know why they have versions of this phone that excluded it.

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    I got the POCO X6 Pro (12GB + 512GB) for $623 on Aliexpress. I'd say that's a better buy with Dimensity 8300-Ultra, LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 4.0.
    It's super snappy and quite satisfied with the performance.

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      And it's more expensive so you're comparing apples with bananas.

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      do you have the link? so i can check it out thanks

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    I am curious… What do people plan to do with these phones that don't support VoLTE in New Zealand when 3G is shutdown by all three carriers?

    • Complain and try to get a trade in deal?

    • Pretty sure note 13 supports volte.

      I use an imported nothing phone 1 and just checked the device reported as volte enabled.

      • Which carrier are you with? My Mi Mix 3 and Pixel 6a (both imported) get VoLTE with 2degrees but not VoWiFi, but that's something they can change at the carrier end, so I wouldn't count on that to work forever.

        • Kogan aka One

    • Don't these phones support volte? That would seem like a major oversight by Pbtech.

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        I asked someone at PB Tech explicitly about this. They acknowledged that it's a problem that they will have to deal with down the line. Extremely shortsighted in my opinion.

  • This worth getting from PB or worth getting from Aliexpress I got no time restraints.

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