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Collect 5x Everyday Rewards Points on $50+ Spend @ Woolworths


Not as good as last weeks points bonuses, however, worth checking the Everyday Rewards app as this is likely targeted and others may benefit from a better offer.

I also have a boost for 300 bonus points for a $20+ spend on fresh fruit and vegetables.

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  • Looks like the offer may be targeted/different for certain accounts.
    I have 5x points on $75 spend

  • Mine says $100

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    300 bonus points for a $20+ spend on fresh fruit and vegetables.
    5x points on $75 spend

    • If I got those two boosts, would it mean I’ll get 1500 points for spending $20+ on F&V?

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        Maybe check, but I would guess you can't utilise two 'boosts' at the same time.

        If you can, please do let us know!

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          you can use both boosts at once so ideally spend $55 on 'other' and $20 on veg

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            you can use both boosts at once

            Cool - thanks!

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              @Alan6984: You can definitely use both in one transaction, but you won't get 1500 points.

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                @sunshinenz: No, never thought you would get 1,500 - that would be wildly optimistic!

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      You'll get 75x5+300=675 only.

  • It's a pity the "points activity" part of the app still doesn't work! Not a good start.

    • I can see it on the web.

  • For what it's worth, mine is $550 on $40 or more of fresh fruit and veg.

    Maybe I normally spend, say, $30 per week, and they have added 33% (rounded to $5) to our normal spend to get an amount.

    In reality, we spend more than that normally (four people), but some would be at PNS, and some at the local greengrocer, so I'm not sure what our normal spend at CD / WW would be.


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    Shouldn't they be worried that the more customers they attract into the store, the bigger chance that mouse can be found/reported :)

    • Or…. make it a prize of, say (randomly picking a number) 1,000 points if you present a mouse (or was it a rat) to the customer service desk.

      What could go wrong?

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    Getting X amount of points for spending X amount of dollars is fine, but be careful with bonus points tied to specific products.

    For the fruit and veg the 300 points are worth $2.25, if I buy one kilo of apricots from our usual place instead of Countdown we're already saving $3, Broccoli we save $1, lettuce $1, Cauliflower $2, Cabbage $1, loose potatoes 50c/kg

    Some things are the same price and a couple of things are slightly cheaper at Countdown, but overall we would be saving a lot more than $2.25 by sticking to our usual store. Don't let the allure of bonus points change your shopping habits.

    What they do is they chuck these hundreds of points at you that are worth next to nothing in the hopes that you won't see the forest because you're so busy looking at the trees. Remember, 100 points are only worth 75c, but seeing 100 or 300 points offered on an item makes you think it's a bigger deal than what it actually is because they're offering you hundreds of free points. Often it's not even a deal at all, it works out more expensive than when the items are on special or bought from a competitor. Sometimes they're not even deals when compared to products from their own store. For example, this week one of my boosts is 100 bonus points when buying a 1.5kg bag of Woolworths onions, which cost $5.49, so if I factor in the 75c from the 100 bonus points then that reduces the price down to $4.74, not much of a deal when they're selling the same onions loose for $2 a kg so I can get 1.5kg for $3.

    Another boost this week is 100 bonus points on an 8 pack of Sorbent loo rolls, $9.50, so $8.75 once the 100 points is factored in, OR, I could buy the same item at Pak'n'Save, not on special, for $8.59

    Another boost, big bags of Maltesers and other chocolates, $8.99 with 100 bonus points, so $8.24 once you take off the 75c, and again, Pak'n'Save, not on special, $8.15

    A boost for me the other week was 200 points on Harpic toilet blocks for $6.50, which makes them $5 each, when the week before they were selling them 2 for $8 and this week they're also back on special for $4 each.

    Be careful of these scammers if you really like saving money.

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      Here's a screenshot of the onions with their prices and the advertised points boost for me from their website https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/2098900362.jpg

      Tempted to send this into Stuff and get them to ask Woolworths what kind of stunt they're trying to pull.

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        And here is the price last week:

        Clear evidence they marked up the price for boosted item.

        To Stuff: if u r lurking here do write that into your article 😏

        • I'm in Dunedin, prices can differ between stores around the country, mainly North Island vs South Island stores. Just checked online and they're still $4.99 at Birkenhead but $5.49 at Christchurch, so yeah, regional pricing at play. You might want to jump online and check the price at your local store and see if they're still $4.99 or not, I'm guessing they probably will be.

  • House always wins, its not good to count on their point system being fair.

    $1 for 1 point normally So $2000 to save $15.
    "You’ll earn a minimum of one (1) Onecard Point for every dollar you spend"

    I suspect the CC will look into this as people think they are better than before.

    • Yea I would pass. Spending $2000 on OVERPRICED groceries to then save $15 is nuts. I would have saved more than 15 on one trip to PNS if u compare the huge price difference.

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        I agree in general, but if you shop the (real) specials at CD / WW, and do your main shop at PNS, you can save even more.

        Obviously, you should also take into account proximity and time. For me, I go into CD / WW when I am driving past one (there are about six that I regularly drive past and I don't do all that much mileage), and I stop in once a week if they have a good price on something while on my way between meetings, utilising dead time. Also, CD / WW regularly, usually at least once a month, give me freebies to 'try out'.

        I do the same with New World, and the greengrocer, and occasionally Mad Butcher.

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    Think twice Cheapies. All this personal data for 15 dollars for every 2k spend?


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      Is that a down vote for what Woolies are doing for are you disagreeing that it's an issue?

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