50% off Delivered Orders (Up to $20 Value) @ Delivereasy (New Customers)


NEWBIE promo code

This code entitles users to 50% off delivered orders (up to $20 value). This promo code is for new customers only and is not applicable with any other Delivereasy offers or promotional discounts. New customers must not have used Delivereasy before and the order must be a delivery order for an address that Delivereasy has not previously serviced. The offer is available nationwide. Excludes Delivereasy Drinks. Code available for a limited time.

You can add letters to your house number, a random fake number and dots in email address to use this code multiple times as guests.
E.g. if your house number is 12 Wilson Drive, then use 12a Wilson Drive and mention that your address is 12 Wilson Drive in the delivery notes.

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  • +2

    I am boycotting DE, I called them deliverDifficult lol.

    I once had an issue with my order, instead of helping me, the CS just asked me to contact the restaurant myself to resolve the issue. They marked up the menu price by at least 40%, earned 8 dollars delivery fee, but don't want to help when issue arises and pushed the problems to the restaurants instead. Like you cant be the middle man and ask customers to deal with the supplier themselves. Big no no.

    • +2

      Coming here to say the exact same thing, so many issues and terrible support. Its not worth it

  • Shame you can't get the discount with pick up…

  • +2

    Their customer support is so crap I deleted the app

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