Swap 2 Cans of Food (Min. 200ml/gm per Can) for 1 Free Resene Testpot (60-80ml, Limits Apply) @ Resene


When you bring in 2 cans of food we'll give you 1 FREE Resene testpot 60-80ml (worth up to $6.50). All cans of food will be donated to local Salvation Army and community foodbanks to give to Kiwi families in need.

So start gathering up those cans and bring them into your local Resene owned ColorShop (NZ only).

We accept all cans of food in good condition and suitable for humans to eat. If you prefer to bring in canned pet food, we can accept that also and will donate it to the SPCA and local community animal shelters.

Limit 7 free testpots 60-80ml per household. The Hunger for Colour programme runs 7-28 February 2023 or while testpot stocks last. Maximum of 1 testpot per Resene colour. Food can must be at least 200ml/gm of food or more. If you have extra unwanted canned food you'd like to donate, we'd be delighted to accept it and will pass it onto The Salvation Army foodbanks and other community foodbanks on your behalf.

Some idea starters from The Salvation Army of canned food items to donate are:

Corn, Baked beans / Spaghetti, Tomatoes, Tuna or salmon, Pasta sauce, Stews and soups, Fruit, Beetroot, Coconut milk, Baby food (note minimum 'can' size = 200ml/g so multiple cans may be required)

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  • inflation eh? it used to be 1 can per pot.

    • +1


      • test pots cost more to buy.

        • So are you saying that test pots have gone up in price much more (perhaps something like, albeit not exactly, twice as much) than cans of food?

    • +3

      oh yeah? Used to be free testpot with voucher at the back of supermarket dockets. Those were the good ol' days 👍

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    Call ahead before you do this, every time I try to do promotion redemptions at Resene they didn't know what the hell I'm talking about and have a little conference call.

  • I still have a free test pot to Collect thru that elephant trail app

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