NFL Super Bowl LVIII Game Pass $1.99 @ DAZN


Watch Super Bowl LVIII including the original American broadcast and Halftime Show with NFL Game Pass on DAZN

  • Original American Broadcast incl. commentary and commercials
  • Extended pre-game coverage
  • Apple Music Halftime Show - USHER
  • Exclusive on-site content during Super Bowl week
  • Access to Game Pass until July 31st
  • Stream On The Big Screen: Watch all the action, hassle-free on Chromecast, Smart TV’s, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

Good value if you want to watch the USA version (US ads!).
I used this last year and had no problem with stream reliability.

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    Worth noting that TVNZ are streaming it for free, minus the USA ads I'd imagine.

    • +1

      Yes good point, depends if you want the full USA experience.

      • So… you pay $2 for the experience?

        • +4

          Prior to NFL Game Pass I've seen lots of people that want to watch the USA version with USA ads, particularly when Sky/ESPN did the broadcast. The ads get a lot of media coverage so that likely build the hype.

        • "and commercials"!! According to this post the ads are a selling point 🤣

  • +1

    Niners all day

    • Can't support a team that keeps beating my Packers…

      • -1


  • +2

    Someone send me some chicken wing deals please

  • It is going to on free-to-air TV ONE from 12 PM on Monday.

  • Past years have been 0.99 - The DAZN tax!

  • Has anyone else tried this? I did it last year and tried to watch with family overseas in the US and this one was 30 seconds behind their stream.

    • I find most streams are behind the standard terrestrial/satellite broadcasts. Thirty seconds does seem on the extreme side, though. From memory, last year wasn't through the DAZN platform, so I am unsure if that will make a difference.

      • Told fibs.. was DAZN last year.

        • Got the deal last year and i’m 99% sure it wasn’t DAZN. Quality was really good but I can’t speak on delay. Tested a DAZN vod and it was laggy af, might have to switch to TVNZ or ESPN if the quality isn’t vastly better on the day.

          • @user3907: It was on NFL Network last season, they swapped it to DAZN this season.

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