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Kiwi Camping Falcon 9 Ezi-Up Blackout Tent $599.00 (RRP $1599.00) + $10 Shipping @ Kiwi Camping


Researching tents and this popped up. Seems like a decent deal and reviews seem positive (on the local FB camping group).

Some other deals here - https://www.kiwicamping.co.nz/products/hot-deals

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      Reviews are all from the same person :D
      Margaret Boxall's nephew rate the tent well

    • Wrong tent by the way, that's the inflatable air version

    • That's a different tent, air frame vs. poles.

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      If air version goes for this price, will buy it without thinking too much.

      • Interesting, what are the advantages of the air version? I'm guessing it folds away smaller but all that pumping looks like hard work and punctures could be an issue?

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          I have the T7 500 series blackout. Fantastic tent. pumping is easy as its only to 7psi. maybe 20 pumps per pole? (3x) no fly to worry about either, its like 6 pegs on the bottom then pump it up. someone can start moving stuff in while you do the rest and guy ropes. as for punctures, seems pretty strong, the bladder is covered everywhere for extra protection.

        • I have the torpedo 7 version too.

          Blackout really works.

          Soo much easier to erect and no fibreglass splinters etc. fast take down.

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          Ive found the inflatables fold down a lot bigger so if space is an issue then poled tents could be the way. But i do love my t7 inflatable tent.

        • Not necessarily, air tents can be quite heavy and bulky as well. A bit on the fence with air tents after hearing stories about air beams bursting/popping especially in hot weather. Well-known brands like Zempire aren’t immune either.

          • @Eureka: agree with the bulk and weight. I believe the T7 500 is around 22kg

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