Cordless Stick Vacuum on Amazon - Need Opinions!

Looking to buy this vacuum Orfeld V18 from Amazon US, anyone own 1 of these? I looked up on Google and have this Tech Bargains come up for the results showing this was only $79.90 delivered few day ago, is Tech Bargains legit maybe i should wait a bit to see if same promotion will happen again?

Tried to check camelcamelcamel for price history but it only show listed price usd$399.95? Can CCC also check discounted or sales price?

It's NZD250 delivered after tax & discounts with free shipping. Specs are 500W 40KPa with a 8x 2500mAh batteries, 60mins low, 20 on high. Also is the warranty gonna be ok buying electric device from Amazon US? Welcome any inputs cheers.


  • USA uses 120 volts AC. NZ uses 230/240 volts AC. Unless the battery charger supplied with the Orfeld is multivoltage then using in NZ will destroy it.

    • Good point I haven't think about this, I will send seller a message to find it out

    • The customer services reply me its 110~240V. Is using a travel adaptor will do in this case?

      • In that case, it will work (much like Laptop power brick, usually works at 110-240V).
        However @lookingatewe comment below is also on point that it will be loose depending on the quality of the adapter.

  • A travel adapter will work but isn’t really a good long term solution. They can be dangerous in some situations as they can work lose. If you Really want that particular vacuum then source a power pack in NZ with the same DC output voltage and current capacity as the original, hopefully you can find one with the same connector that the OEM one uses to plug into the vacuum. That of course will add $$ to your costs.

    It is really much easier to source a NZ compliant vacuum, there are hundreds to choose from.

  • Following as I'm also in the market for cordless vacuums - right now deciding between dyson v10 vs v11. Apparently v8 is still the old one and not the recent model?

    If anyone knows a better alternative (like xiaomi g11 oos) let me know thanks 😊

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