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McDonald's 30 Days of Deals (Free 6 Nuggets, $6 Big Mac Small Combo + More) @ McDonald's App


30 days 30 deals via the McDonald's app. Starts 1st November.

Have fun Cheapies :)

Image of the 30 days of deals here.

Power User note: The below is a guess of what the deals are after looking at the image.

Date Deal Cost
01/11 6 Nuggets Free
02/11 Big Mac small combo $6
03/11 McChicken & Cheeseburger combo $9
04/11 Big Mac & 6 Nuggets combo $10
05/11 2x 6 Nugget combos $10
06/11 Quarter Pounder small combo $7
07/11 Cheeseburger & 6 Nuggets combo $9
08/11 McChicken $4
09/11 Big Mac & Cheeseburger combo $9
10/11 Triple Bonus Points
11/11 10pk McNuggets $6
12/11 Double 1/4 Pounder combo $13
13/11 Double Cheeseburger Combo $7
14/11 6 Nuggets $3
15/11 McChicken & 6 Nuggets combo $10
16/11 1/4 Pounder & Cheeseburger combo $9
17/11 10 Nuggets $6
18/11 Triple Bonus Points
19/11 2x McChicken Combo $13
20/11 Cheeseburger & 6 Nuggets combo $9
21/11 Big Mac & 6 Nuggets Combo $10
22/11 6 Nuggets $3
23/11 Big Mac & Cheeseburger Combo $9
24/11 Triple Bonus Points
25/11 10 Nuggets $6
26/11 2x Big Mac Combos $13
27/11 Double Cheeseburger combo $7
28/11 Big Mac Combo $7
29/11 Bic Mac & Cheeseburger Combo $9
30/11 Cheeseburger & 6 Nuggets combo $9

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  • +1

    Looks like free 6pk nuggets tomorrow

  • so u dont have to buy anything or show them anything on yo phone to get the free deals

    • +3

      You'll have to claim the deal on the app.

  • +4

    Thanks @Wakrak for the formatting fixes :)

  • +5


  • Thank you! Looks like bump is getting some nuggies tomorrow for lunch haha.

    • +1

      Bump will provide you with plenty of nuggets when they arrive in this world.
      Wouldn't want to eat them though!

      • Hahah

      • yep
        They fact they are giving them away …

  • +1

    About time they had some good deals, I miss my cheap combo lunch deals.

  • At least prices seem stable since last year's deals. Only one giveaway this time though

  • +6

    People need to start posting some cheapie deals for the gym or outdoor activities. With all these deals (Whittaker Chocolates, Bundabergs, Uber eats, Door dashes, Hells Pizza, Mcds, Dosh) I am living the life lol thank you Cheapies Community.

    • +2

      You're just bulking 🏋️

    • +1

      Can you explain this concept of "outdoor activities"? Haven't heard of it myself.

      • +11

        1) Step outside.
        2) Look at the sun.
        3) Get sore eyes and say arghh with a grimace
        4) Walk back inside.
        5) Order Uber Eats to help you recover.
        6) outdoor activity for the day complete

        • Ah, sounds unpleasant. Thanks for the info.

        • +1

          I think ive seen this on the movie grandmas boy

  • Is there a limit on these, I want to get the nuggets but can only do after 5pm.

    • +2

      Deal last year
      Looks like they still had plenty left in the evening so hopefully you can get your fix still at 5pm.

      • 1 million nuggets means 166666 deals I guess. IIRC they've run out of freebies with 30k offers before. Don't know if they've run out of higher limit deals though.

        • You’re one short - 166,667 packs according to the app 😀

          • @bigcheese: Ah didn't notice the T&C actually gives the number of deals. I guess it makes sense, if they only have 166,666 deals they won't quite give away 1 million nuggets so it could be said misleading, giving away slightly more than 1 million is fine though.

  • Does anyone know which supplier are they using for the nuggets? Is it Tegel?

    • +6

      Nope, Inghams (they bought glovers years back). Proprietary formulation they can't use elsewhere

  • +1

    Nuggets now available

    • Hahaha

    • +3

      Successfully redeemed 😋

      • You must be one of the first to do that!

        • +1

          Driving from Hamilton to Gisborne. Had to start the day right. Freshest McNugs I've ever had.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Keep safe Wakrak! Will visit one of Maccas stores later hope they won’t run out.

            • @cambridge: Roadtrip on free nuggets day. Hmm will do that next year lol.

  • I know this is a pretty typical November thing at this stage, but Anyone else get the feeling that McDonald's Monopoly didn't get them a many people instore?

    Hell, I got two $8-9 med/large combo vouchers during the promotion, which is highly unusual during Monopoly - the vouchers are usually crappy during this time and never anything over a small (so you dont get tickets), Plus the two giveaway tickets.

    I also got two $9 small nugget+favourites vouchers during this time. Clearly.they didn't think I was going enough.

    • Not surprised considering how much their prices have rocketed up recently. I wonder what their inflation rate has been, but seems a lot higher than normal inflation. The rest of the deals this month look pretty average IMO. Maybe if they lowered their everyday prices they would get more customers.

  • +1

    got my nuggies thanks op

  • +5

    Note for the future when they do these kinds of offers never go after school has finished omg worst experience of my life children are so annoying

  • Can you do drive-ins for this deal?

    • yes just activate the deal on the app and tell them the code

  • Mcdonalds have been sending me reminder notifications every hour today saying there's still heaps left for the nuggies. cheers for posting this deal

  • Neverlucky. Good cheapie you forecast Day two Nov 2nd right in - $6 Big Mac small combo…😎

  • I think you missed the combo in 9/11, the picture shows (single) drink and chips

    • +1


  • Nov 4th is McHappy Day. McDonald's donates $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities for each Big Mac sold. Makes me feel better for buying Saturday's deal of Big Mac and 6 McNuggets Combo.

  • +2

    The Quarter Pounder is the perfect example of shrinkflation. Because it is fundamental for the Quarter Pounder to have a particular weight to the beef pattie component, this is unable to be shrunk. But everything around it has been shrunk. The burger looks hilarious as the bun is significantly smaller than the pattie (I guess it is the same bun used for all other burgers), and the pattie looks way too big ^_^

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