[Tuesdays] Buy One Get One Free Deluxe / Traditional Pizzas (from $18.60 XL Delivered) @ Domino's via Uber Eats


The 2 for 1 Tuesdays are now on Uber Eats as well, which is a signficantly better deal for delivery then dominos.co.nz for small orders, and it is still delivered by Domino's staff. Unfortunately this cannot stack with any of the other Uber Eats deals. No delivery or service fees apply. Valid pizzas start from $18.60 (for two delivered).


On Traditional Pizzas (not Deluxe), the upgrade to Extra Large is free (thanks quote!). With this, two XL pizzas can be deliverd from $18.60.

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    If you're in Blenheim, premium pizzas $8 pick-up

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    Oooh, ddnt add on any fees to make the pizzas extra large, seems like an error ;)

    Actually works out slightly cheaper than picking them up

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    This is great because you can also schedule the order for later in the week and still get Tuesdays price.

  • They cancelled my order when it was supposed to be delivered.

    F U dominos

  • This is on again today and there is an additional 30% off and free pepperoni which can all be combined.

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