BOGOF Cyclops Flavoured Greek Yoghurt 500g (Redeemable at New World & PAK'n SAVE South Island Stores)


Just enter your name and email and they’ll send you a coupon for boy on get one free

Available in South Island New World and Pak n Save supermarkets only.

Notice: You must agree to receiving promotional materials (tick the checkbox) otherwise you'll simply get a message stating allocation exhausted.

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  • Looks like the voucher limit has been exhausted, can I upload my voucher for everyone to use? It doesn't say it cant be used more than once

    • Still working for me. Try a different email address

      • I think you have to ticket the marketing checkbox - otherwise it says supply is exhausted?

      • Ah yes, different emailed worked. Thank you!

        • Might be because you've claimed a Cyclops voucher on here in the past.

  • What does a Cyclops taste like?

    • +10

      eye opening

      • Eye see.

  • Worked for me, thank you!

  • Voucher says it is valid at New World and Pak n' Save supermarkets where Cyclops Flavored Greek Yoghurt is sold. So possibly North Islan.d

    • There's some in the South Island e.g. NW Durham Street Christchurch

      Edit - do you mean possibly not in the NI? My email does say “ Available in South Island New World and Pak n Save supermarkets only.”

      • That might mean that the product is only available in SI stores. None of the NI stores near me sell any of flavoured 500g range, only the plain 750g range.

      • Did you manage to get BOGOF?

    • $5.50 at countdown this week.

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