Free - 2 Months of Uber One Worth $19.98 for New and Returning Customers @ Uber / Uber Eats


I received this in the post, similar to the other 1 month offer posted. Nothing on the other side of the card unfortunately.

Scan the QR code to redeem, it'll take you directly to the Uber Eats website.


2 Months of Uber One on us! (valued at $9.99)

Get 2 months of Uber One on us, for new and returning members.

$0 Delivery Fee and up to 30% off Service Fee on eligible orders
5% credit earned on all rides and priority access to top-rated drivers
Uber One Exclusive offers like promotions and experiences
To redeem 1 month free Uber One, scan the QR code.

Terms and Conditions
Delivery benefits available only for eligible stores showing the Uber One icon. $20 minimum order (excluding fees) to receive delivery benefits (including $0 Delivery Fee) from participating restaurants, $40 minimum order for eligible grocery and other stores. 5% Uber One Credit on rides will expire after 60 days and will not apply to the portion of payment made with Uber One Credit. Top-rated drivers may not be available for every ride.

Referral Links

Referral: random (189)

$10 credit for referee. $5 credit for referrer. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Worked!

  • Worked for me too! Can even cancel right away and still work until 25 dec

    • How do you cancel please

      • You just go to uber one tab and click cancel membership?

    • Sweet. I might give it a few more days before I use this so it covers my airport taxi there and back for Christmas holidays.

      • I'm surprised that it worked. I was prepared to have no membership as the T&C says if you're on a promotion trial, membership ends once you cancel, but hey, it says on my account that I have membership until 25 dec!

      • What do you get for rides? Is it just the 5% credit?

    • Damn it didn't work for me. I cancelled but my membership still ongoing till 20th November :(

  • +1
    • Updated

  • Anyone know the expiry date for this deal?

  • Thx OP

  • +1

    Gonna be a real cheap meal tomorrow with free Uber one membership, 40% off using cliche codes, plus 25% cash back from Dosh.

    • Put in future orders as well :)

  • Can you cancel an ongoing membership and redeem this ? Tried to cancel mine and at the last step they offered me 90% off the next months membership fees, so I did not proceed.

    • Worked for me, my membership expired yesterday didnt renew it, clicked the link for this offer today and got my 2 months free.

  • Keen for this, but when I try sign up with the link I get the message "Sorry, Uber One isn't available to you right now". I live in urban Auckland and order Uber Eats often so location shouldn't be a problem. Anyone else encounter this?

  • I've never really been a Uber or Uber Eats user, but lately I've been eating out and ordering food deliveries a lot more. To me, it seems like $9.99 a month is a deal considering that you're saving money on free shipping (for eligible orders, which covers plenty of restaurants). Not sure why people wouldn't just go with the membership?

    • My last order I saved 99c delivery fee and 20c off the service fee with Uber One - at that rate there's no way I would personally make enough orders to break even let alone save money. Definitely could be worth it in other circumstances though depending where you like to order from and how often!

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