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Free Chance Card for McDonald's Monopoly @ McDonald's App


Yet another free chance card!, 1 and 4 instant wins, hopefully a food prize or better. let us know if you get anything good!
update: you should be able to "activate" the chance card without any time expiry worry, this is different from activating the instant win prize or Deal which has a 15 minute timer.

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  • +3

    A 3 month Prime Membership. Cheers OP

    • +2

      Not bad. P & O cruise advertising over here.

  • +2

    Another property card. 3rd in a row. With property prices on the up and the likelihood of a National govt I look forward to being a landlord.

    • Luxon just needs to grow a sweet stache and he'll be the Monopoly guy!

    • 40% deposit
      yields 3-4%
      shit laws yeah nah

      • Capital gains?

        • Is a bonus but not guaranteed in the current climate
          So one should ponder where can I put 40% to good use. In AKL that would be 400K

  • Property card for me

  • Another property for me too

  • Nice, got a bacon&egg or sausage&egg mcmuffin

  • +2

    Pall Mall for me, so I have now taken up smoking

    • +3

      Now you need to try and collect the four Dairy Store cards dotted around the board

      • Mayfair for me, so now i have taken up reading.

  • where do you get the free chance card its not showing up in app

    • +1

      Should be at the bottom of the deals page

  • +2

    I have to say their winning rate has been so bad. The food prize I'm getting mainly are free chips, free nuggets or free mcmuffins (breakfast time only). Hardly any big macs, mcchicken, not even free drinks..

    • What you got food prizes?? I have just had property card all the way through across two accounts

      • well, yeah hardly any food prizes, but when you open a chest, I think it's guaranteed to have either food prizes or activities one.

    • I got 2 free Big Mac or Quarter Pounder vouchers in one go.. Didn't get a Mc Chicken this time around but got plenty of small drinks or mini fries lol.. I keep getting $200 off P&O and magazine subscriptions.

      • wow nice going! pity you can't stack the P&O discount!

  • Yes i got a free drink!

  • Yay! Another property card again, maybe I'll win a small drink eventually.

  • No prize for me again…

  • Not sure what I need to do? Help pls. 😅

  • Anyone redeemed a ‘free hobby session’ before and can explain what it is please?

    • +1

      Likely a timezone 30min play, soccer session or karate (south island)

    • +1

      If in Auckland or going to Auckland, Kelly Tartons is included in the list of activites.

  • Thanks OP. Finally!! I get a free small coffee after so many property cards 😁

  • +5

    I got a Kelly Tartons pass :)

    • i think that is the best choice out of all the activities in the list

    • How long do you get to use the pass? End of the year?

      • +1

        use once only, use by march 2024

  • Got the free cone, pie, chips. Went to redeem and restaurant unable to redeem it. Pointless that they don’t have a back up policy in place.

    • ? Did u do via ur deals section in ur app?

  • +1

    Got a free drink, again.

    Have a 12 month/6 month magshop sub code if someone wants it. seems like only usable on one of three digital mags,: womans weekly, aus womans weekly or nz home and garden.

    Already have them in the 6 month Readily subscription, which is pretty cool tbh.

    • If you’re not going to use it, and no other member would directly use it themselves, I’ll take it for my MIL please. Will add to my adoring SIL cover story if I ever decide to off the old wombat…

      • +1

        Messaged you.

        • Legend. Thank you!

  • I got a 1 year “WithU - Unlimited” fitness app subscription, which the interwebs informs me is valued at NZD$180! I’d never heard of the app/program before this, but it actually looks/sounds pretty mint, and lord knows I could stand to lose a keg or five at the minute… Cheers OP!

  • I got a free Big Mac some time ago. But I wonder if it only gives one free item per device. I have tried on other devices too and got nothing, so I do wonder if it really a 1 in 4 chance.

    • Definitely not one item per device. We got 2 free Big Mac/Quarter Pounder vouchers in one day and ended up getting a bunch of multiples of others.

  • Some railway station or something.

  • 1 year fitness app access, when all I wanted was to stuff my face with free burgers.

    • yeah it should be burgers 1st gym 2nd ;)

  • Free small fries/cone 👍

    • Normally $4.20

      • Wow that’s a rip

        • +2

          It's a weed joke but perhaps not my best effort 😅

  • I don’t work bruv why it just send me to the maccas website I have downloaded the app why😭🍆👨‍❤️‍👨!!

  • how do you redeem multiple prizes at once?

    • +1

      Using the app, use different kiosks or just complete seperate orders on same kiosk. If physical then depends on who you get, i find drive thru is easy for me

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