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New World: 10% Cashback @ Kiwi Wallet


Looks like a special cash back offering of 10% at New World iShop (browser only - not iOS or Android). On a pop up in Kiwi Wallet it indicated it expires 12 Oct. Popped up for me when making an order today - hopefully for all users?

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  • +1

    good find op!

    • Thanks - hopefully the cashback tracks for everyone - I must admit that KiwiWallet tracking is a bit hit or miss for me lately.

      And thanks to the person who cleaned up / added some extra info to my post - I could not see where to add extra info.

  • +2

    Downvote for Kiwi wallet. Better chance of winning lotto.

    • Yep - totally understand this comment - I have found the KiwiWallet process a little uncertain at times. But maybe worth a punt given the price of groceries at the moment?

      • +1

        Always treat any cashbacks as a bonus - never buy something because of the cashback offer.

  • Hi OP,

    Does your kiwiwallet app works these day? From few weeks ago my app keeps Sorry there is a error loading. Does anyone have same experience like me?

    • It was doing the same for me so I deleted it and reinstalled and it’s working fine now!

      • Thank you! Just reinstalled : )

      • That hasn't solved it for me :( I restarted the phone just in case too

    • Sorry - I don't use the app on the phone - just on the PC.

  • Anyone know if you still get the Promotional stickers doing this?

    • When delivered I still got my stickers. Assume the same for collect orders. Arguably the potential cashback is a separate process? (If it goes through at all!)

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