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20% off Lifetime Plex Pass $149.59 @ Plex


For those interested

Note, offer valid through September 22, 2023 or while offer last. Offer valid for lifetime subscription only.

Offer is part of Plex Pro Week

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  • Apparently this is pretty much the discount you get for Black Friday sales as well, so not worth waiting

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      Yes. Haven't seen 25% off or more for quite sometime now.

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    I use JellyFin which is free and open source, would recommend over Plex.

    It's on an OMV NAS (which it, itself, is a VM on my main servers, the GPU is passed through using IOMMU) running Docker.

    JellyFin reads from the media folders.

    The media folders are fed by Sonarr (automatically finds and acquires latest episodes etc, and I can just type in the name of, say, a show and it will go and fetch it automatically, organise and file it for JellyFin to read and magically just appear in latest) and Radarr (the movie version of Radarr), and trackers are managed by Jackett.

    Can see it in action here:

    I just spun up a guest account which I'll wind down in a couple days, PM me if you want to try it out. Just be aware there's currently a stream limit of like 5 imposed by the GPU (Quadro), this will increase to unlimited once I switch to a Tesla GPU sometime in the near future.

    Going to be posting some articles about transcoding, hardware, IOMMU, Quadros, Teslas and the like soon on my server company:

    • Can see it in action here:

      Can't login. By the way be careful. I have similar setup using Unraid & plex.

      • Correct, you can't login. Check out the next line in that post.

        • Doh. I need to read properly haha.

    • Hi Dan, I have a synology 218+ running Plex and has been running fine so far, currently do not use and or see need with the prem pass (as do not stream outside of home) Would there be much benefit in switching to jellyfin?

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        Biggest advantage would probably be hardware transcoding for your media for free

      • As @kfr23 mentioned above, but unless you are really doing transcoding and have 4k content.

        Secondly, Plex has more polished UI, so try both if you like and see what you like.
        Thirdly, not sure how good jellyfin apps are for different devices.

        Lastly, I won't change/fix something if its working and don't need anything more from it.

        • A big plus for me with Plex is the offline playback is much more polished, it plays within the app and then syncs back the play status when you reconnect to the server, Jellyfin/Emby just downloads the file. I travel for work a bit so for me this feature is pretty important.

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            @quasar: Yes. Agreed. but @kfr23 mentioned not much outside streaming.

      • I tried to switch to Jellyfin and didn't last. The UI is years behind Plex and the lack of Chromecast support on the IOS app was annoying.

    • There is a modified NVIDIA driver to remove the hard limit of simultaneous encodes, your VRAM will be the limit if you apply these patches. https://github.com/keylase/nvidia-patch

      • Nice, yeah I looked at that but JellyFin is running on an OMV Docker container and it's resisting all attempts to install packages etc. It had Nvidia drivers (not latest) in the package manager, which helped a bit, but it can't install the Nvidia sourced drivers due to weird missing files, and is missing codecs and the internet makes suggestions that don't work on OMV (but have plenty of people asking if they made it work in OMV and the thread just trails off).

        I've decided to spin JellyFin off to its own LXC container which will give me full control over the codecs and drivers.

        • I run Jellyfin in a LXC container on a proxmox host. No issues with the modified driver, need to install nvidia driver on host and container, just skip installing the kernel module on the container obviously, and then the /dev/nvidia device files are passed through to the container. Been 100% reliable over the past year or so that I've been using this configuration

          • @mikebb: Nice, that's the plan, I've already spin up the container, just need to find time to configure it and repoint the proxy.

            I really wanted to give Docker a good chance but man, when it can't do something it's just a nightmare. When it's good it's amazing, but when it's not good it's just awful.

            I'll keep using it for the other apps that can run truly standalone with no requirements on external applications, but have learned to avoid it for stuff that needs CLI work.

  • Could try the Turkey VPN trick to see if that still works. I remember doing it when I got my Plex lifetime for like $90 NZD or something like that.

    Also, and this is obviously just personal perspective, having options is nice and it's only $150. We're talking a lifetime account here. I sometimes use Plex to watch movies/shows maintained by my friends or colleagues and you can even buy one of those Plex seeds or whatever they're called from Reddit for like $50 and get access to stuff maintained by others.

    • Last time when plex deal got posted Turkey didn't work as plex figured out.

      But a recent comment seems promising but again unless someone tries it can't be sure. I already have plex lifetime so hard to try it.

  • I've been using Plex for about 7 years now. Decided to pay for it because I like what they're doing and want to help keep them in business.

  • Anyone on here running a QNAP NAS? And able to stream media from home to external - e.g. watch a film while at the batch or wherever?

    • Should be easy though don't have Qnap, but all plex servers will have same settings. You need to make sure to do port forwarding (normally 32400(default) for plex) on your router. That's all I presume

      Edit: something like this.

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