where can I get a Visa prepaid card


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    Contact your financial institution to get a Visa prepaid card that suit your needs.

  • The ones that work with ATM's etc require a bank account, you can get debit visa/mastercards etc where you can only spend whats in that specific account(no overdraft). Some here also use wise for the same services as you can make virtual cards etc.

    The only major non bank one these days would be a prezzy card where you can load $25-1000 on them, they also have strings attached ie
    7. Limits on Prezzy Card use: The Prezzy Card cannot be used in manual card imprinters or ATMs, or for taxis, automated fuel dispensers, gambling activities, or in any situation where a merchant requires identity verification against the Prezzy Card details.

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      Also, some retailers just refuse PrezzyCards - not sure why, I've never had any reason to ask.

      • Prezzy don't allow their cards to be used for direct debits/recurring transactions

        So anything that is an ongoing charge has a decent chance of being blocked by them

        • Okay, but some shops have signs up saying 'No PrezzyCards' too, and they don't require ID checks for other cards.

          • @Alan6984: Personally never come across this (not that I have paid much attention as I only know the answer above due to it applying to my work)

            Do you have an example of a shop that doesn't support it?

            • @Tmurder91:

              Do you have an example of a shop that doesn't support it?

              I'm pretty sure I have seen it at the checkouts at Why Knott in East Tamaki, and also at some dairies, but I couldn't point at any specific dairy off the top of my head.

              I've no idea why though - I would have thought that Visa's and MasterCard's fees would be the same no matter where the card they take is issued, but maybe not.

              • @Alan6984: I believe part of the merchant fee charged for card transactions as a fee that is variable based on the bank/card issuer so that might come into play

                • @Tmurder91: Could be, but how could a retailer (merchant) be expected to know what the fees would be on an given card if they can all vary?

                  Seems a bit odd, but what you say would definitely explain it.

                  • @Alan6984: Banks … Wouldn’t surprise me if you just had to pay what they say.

                    Would be an interesting rabbit hole to go down but not something I have the energy for right now lol

      • Visa prezzy cards also can't be used on Amazon.

    • would a prezzy card work to join netflix and disney plus
      i heard some of these don't like visa giftcards

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        Pretty sure Netflix does not work with a prezzy card.

      • You can get netflix turkey gift cards from turgame. By far one of the cheapest option. I have been using it for a while. Have my subscription set until Feb 2024.

        • I set up my account using NZ CC details. Then ended the sub. I then restarted it using this method. Once the Turgame cards ran out, it continued using the Turkish prices on my NZ card.

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            @cheekiecheapo: Yes. That works. I just haven't tried to lapse my subscription.

            • @ace310: I'm exactly the same. Account paid up to Jan '24 using Turgame gift cards.
              I note they have recently increased the price again to TL₺199.99 from TL₺130.99 for the Premium sub. Hasn't effected me just yet but I imagine it will soon.

              • @bigcheese: Interesting. Just checked, I am already paying 130.99 for couple of months now. I thought the price increase was applicable to all accounts from that day.

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                  @ace310: TL₺130.99 was the last priced they increaed it to only a few months back when it went from TL₺93.99.
                  This is yet another increase to move it to TL₺130.99 which I'm not sure if takes effect on your anniversary or earlier.
                  Like you I'm still payng the TL₺130.99 at the moment and it's still a lot cheaper than getting it from NZ but the gap is closing.
                  Massive price rise in the past year.

                  • @bigcheese: Ohh, I read your previous comment and missed 1 from 199.99. Thought it was 99.99 to 130.99. Doh.

                    That means I will have to recharge sooner.

  • You could look into a Wise Card

    • That is by far the easiest way.
      Good for piece of mind with disposable card numbers too.

      • I usually create wise virtual card and top it in the currency. Once used I have option to destroy or freeze the virtual card.

        • Yes being able to freeze a card or delete is very handy.
          You don’t need to top it up in the currency though as Wise will convert your NZD automatically for you.

  • A debit card works exactly like a credit card everywhere and just draws the funds from your bank account when you purchase. They're ideal

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    Revolut gave me a platinum prepaid Visa card.

    • What's the different between levels of cards if it's just a prepaid card not a credit card.

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