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Spend $30 on Hasbro Games and Receive $32 McDonald's Classic Share Meal Voucher @ The Warehouse


That time of year again, purchase $30 worth of Hasbro games in one transaction and fill in an online form or post your receipt away to receive a $32 ShareBox voucher.

It was sneaky this time as I only found out by being in store today, no usual advertisements.

Here is the relevant info below which I took from dandanboy's previous post:


If you make a qualifying purchase online:

  • Complete the online Competition Entry Form on The Warehouse web site after you have completed making your online purchase and have a unique order number.

If your order is a click & collect from a store:

  • Complete the online Competition Entry Form on The Warehouse web site after you have completed making your online purchase and have a unique order number.
  • The Online Competition Entry form can be located under the Competition page at https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/competitions


  • Each voucher will be accepted in exchange for one McDonald's® Classics Share Meal which consists of one (1) x Big Mac®, one (1) x cheeseburger, one (1) x Quarter Pounder®, one (1) x McChicken®, two (2) medium fries, two (2) small fries, two (2) x medium soft drinks and two (2) x small soft drinks at any participating McDonald's® restaurant in New Zealand, subject to availability.
  • Each voucher can be redeemed once, in full.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and may not be used in conjunction with any other * McDonald's® food/promotional offers.
  • Please notify crew at Drive-Thru prior to placing your order that you have a voucher.
  • Available after 11am at participating restaurants.
  • Vouchers not redeemable through McDelivery®.
  • One voucher per person per visit.
  • Vouchers valid till 31 December 2023.
  • This voucher must not be distributed to or redeemed by a child under 14 years.
  • McDonald's® voucher terms and conditions apply. This promotion is in not sponsored or administered by McDonald's®.

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  • Promotional period ended 11.59pm on Tuesday, 14 March 2023. You can only claim now so I'd say deal has expired.

  • I am thinking that Clause 16 means that you can do this up to four times (more if 'legitimate' but I am not intending to do it more than twice anyway - two visits to McDonald's in three months or so is more than enough!) and get, say, two vouchers as long as each purchase is $30 or more:

    16 . A maximum of four (4) vouchers will be sent to any single address. If you are legitimately claiming more than four (4) vouchers, please contact Hasbro toll free on (0508) 828 200 extension 1, during business hours to discuss your claim.

    • I have tested this last time and confirm that it works for 4 purchases for single address. Have never tried it for more though and I don't even want to try.

      • Cool - thanks!

  • Which games are worth getting?

    • Peppa Pig board game thing is $35
      So is Hungry Hungry Hippos ($35)

      Got them both today

    • Operation is another $35 one if you don't already have it.

  • I wonder if this works with marketplace items sold on warehouse online?

    • If you purchase from (thewarehouse.co.nz) I don't see why not, but no way of being sure… unless you are willing to test it, and post back and let us know :-)

  • +1

    I haven't received my last voucher yet

    • +1

      Did you call them up? Last time I got in touch with them and they sent it through quite quickly

  • +1

    Do they have any cool new games or is it just all the kids classics?

    • Not sure how new they are but there was this pretty cool looking Jenga magnet game and a newer version of twister that’s kind of like a switch where you wave your arms and legs at the tv to the corosponding colours. We ended up getting operation too but I really wanted Jenga 😂

  • I did this once years ago and the voucher supposedly went missing in the post, of course Hasbro wont accept responsibility as per their promo T&Cs.
    I hoped by now they would be sending them via email, vouchers are prohibited by NZ Post anyway 🙄

    • I've seen that in the previous posts and did it in their online page rather than send it. Six out of six vouchers so far.

  • Has anyone received their voucher this period? I made an online click-and-collect purchase on the 10th of September and filled out the online form the same day. I still have not received the vouchers or any communication regarding them.

    • Normally comes about 2-3 weeks after the close of redemption period

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