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[Used/Refurbished] Philips 328P6V 32" 4K LCD Monitor A$216.28 (~NZ$236) Delivered @ Australian Computer Traders


Saw this over at OzBargain and appears that they do deliver to NZ.

UPDATE 02/06/23 - Shipping to NZ has been revised to $62.73, so the cost breakdown is now as follows:

Subtotal $204.55
Shipping $62.73
Total discount $51.00 (Add the discount code OMGPHILIP at checkout)
Order total $216.28AUD (~$236NZD ish)

With the item in my cart, NZ selected, and the promo code entered under 'Discount', I see the following total:

Subtotal $204.55
Shipping $44.55
Total discount $51.00
Order total $198.10AUD

Be aware that this is used - 'Refurbished Grade A', and the warranty is return-to-base. Pics do a good job of hiding the prominent bezels if you look closely. But for just over $200 it's very tempting.

Store-listed specifications
Panel 31.5"
Native Resolution 3840 × 2160
Maximum Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Brightness 300 CD/M2
Contrast 3000:1
Viewing Angles 178°/178° horizontal/vertical
Response Time 4 ms GtG
Pixel Pitch 0.1816 mm²
Pixel Density 140 PPI
Color gamut (typical) NTSC 95%
Stand Yes + VESA Support

Phillips NZ specs page: https://www.philips.co.nz/c-p/328P6VJEB_75/brilliance-4k-lcd…

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  • Thank goodness I don't need a monitor because this would be tempting to get.

  • I am tempted.

  • +1

    60hz, ew

    • how many Hz is your 4k monitor?, mine is 64hz

      • +1

        120htz IPS wide colour gamut 32" full HDR 1600 nits FALD 4K. :-)

        • crazy, the only reason i have 4k monitors are for excel spreadsheets.

  • +1

    It's a VA display (so not great for gaming)
    VERTICAL ALIGNMENT (VA). VA panels are some of the oldest in the game, but they're still around because despite better, newer display technologies, they "just work." VA screens offer some of the highest contrast ratios apart from OLED models (more about them in a moment), and better viewing angles and color reproduction than TN panels. However, VA is the slowest of all display technologies, offering the pokiest response times and highest input-lag numbers. That makes them a bad bet for gaming.

    Video demo (from 6 years ago)

    • Would you say that they are fine for everything else if you are not using them for gaming? For home office document editing and light video editing maybe?

    • VA is fine for gaming, almost all curved monitors are VA panels. including the Samsung odyssey lineup.
      "VA panels are some of the oldest in the game, but they're still around because despite better, newer display technologies, they "just work." is wrong, aside from the fact that TN is older than VA, nothing is objectively "better" than VA.
      VA vs IPS vs TN all have different pros and cons.

      In practice, it's pretty hard to tell the difference anyway.

      • Will be interesting to see. I have a Sony VA screen and the colours and colorshift are noticeably different to my other screens which are IPS. But I do a lot of image and video editing so have tested a lot over the years. TN are the ones to avoid IMO. But I have found philips do make good monitors.

  • It shows that the shipping fee to NZ would be $44.

    • +1

      Yep- be sure to put the OMGPHILIP code into 'Discount' (not 'voucher code) and it will subtract $51 from the total

      • Thanks.

  • Nice find, currently ordering two, or trying to, their website sucks.

    First it rejected my password generated by a password manager that exceeded their requirements. Accepted the second generation.

    Now it's rejecting my ASB Debit card. I'll just use PayPal and they can eat the fees.

    I use 2x 32" 4K Kogan displays with no HDR that I paid $450 each for new for coding, 100% scaling.

    So this will be an upgrade for the price of one on top of the USB ports which I'm constantly struggling with not having enough of or easy access to.

    Not yet sure what I'll do with the Kogan displays but at the minimum I'm sure I could sell them for the same price.

    • Ugh, their version of PayPal doesn't allow for Credit Card only payments, I have to full on register for PayPal. What a shit system.

      Maybe I'll try my Wise card.

      • Any luck in the end?

        • No. Still waiting for my Wise balance to come through, if it doesn't accept my Wise card then I can use bank transfer from Wise.

        • +1

          Finally came through, Wise Digital Card worked. Almost put it through on my physical but if they end up being a dodgy dealer at least I can wind down that CC.

          After all is said and done I probably saved myself a smudgeon on forex fees and was able to use the remainder of my JPY on there after my holiday.

      • What is wrong with doing a full Paypal registration? I find it very handy, and if I get given paypal credit I can also use that.

        • +2

          PayPal are garbage.

          The way they force their abhorrent forex rates is scummy and I avoid them especially for it.

          Not the annoying way they scummily try to get you to use their forex rates by hiding the "no, bill me in the selling currency" under many layers then try to make out your bank will charge you forex fees when no bank has worse forex rates than them.

          The scummy way that, if you're a seller and have balance, they will only allow you to withdraw in your local currency, via their garbage forex rates.

          EG, if you sell something in the US, in USD, and ship the goods to the US, and they hold your money in USD, they force you to withdraw in NZD via their rates. If you do the same globally, PayPal will hold it in the various currencies, but not allow you to withdraw in the various currencies. So an ASB USD account is worthless with PayPal, NZD only.

          They have a thing that says, "Unless you have a US bank account" (not an account in USD, a bank account held by a US bank that's "located" in the US), only then can you withdraw in USD to that account. Except to have a US bank account you have to have a US address etc.

          Until Wise came along, I added my Wise US Bank Account and withdrew a 13k USD sale to it, and they saved me around $1800NZD in PayPal charges.

          PayPal quickly banned Wise Bank Accounts, around 6 months later my sister tried to do the same (she builds websites for US clients) and discovered Wise accounts are all blocked from being added which I was able to replicate.

          (profanity) PayPal.

          In the same line of reasoning, I (profanity) love Wise. Wise is constantly adding new features and just giving them away for free, they don't just up their fees like PayPal does if they want more money, they add new stuff that makes your life better.

  • +3

    Nice one, order went through ok for me. Thanks for sharing @Rubenite

  • Tempting, but I'm not sure it is compatible with my setup as a second monitor - currently have a 27" 1440p IPS

    • +1

      Sounds like this would be a downgrade for you. I'd far prefer 27" 1440p with decent refresh rate and colour profile than this thing.

  • Ah geez I just bought of these two days ago for $300 haha. It's pretty nice though, for his price I would highly recommend.

    • refurbished?, im keen but i dont want to risk if the panel has issues.

      • No I bought 2nd hand off marketplace. No issues I can see, they said they bought it new about two years ago. Not sure on the refurb quality here though

  • +1

    Any recommendations for single arm monitor stand for this?

  • -1

    This looks to be a good price, the only risk is if it arrives DOA which I have experienced before with refurbed monitors. I still have my first LCD screen from 2001 which was also Philips Brilliance 18 inch that still works and think it originally retailed for around $2.5k.

  • Ordered and paid for no problems with afterpay - 2 of them will be nzd $442.12 delivered with that discount code.

    This place looks to have much better priced ex lease stuff than PB do so will be having a looksie later on when I need more crapbox PCs for things like printers etc.

  • +1

    Shipping is now showing

    Shipping: $62.73

    • Thanks - I will update

    • +1

      They figured out it's expensive than what was quoted lol.

    • Glad I ordered last night. I would hate to know what the NZ price would be to ship it back if faulty. Looks like you have to pay shipping both ways if faulty which would be a bummer.

  • They must have had heaps of stock - still 562 available

    • +1

      Rep on OZ mentioned they had 1600 in stock.


    • +1

      Only 470 now so they are going quickly. From the Oz bargain website, someone posted a photo of the back of their one and it was manufactured in 2019 so they may not be very old. Although many online reviews are from 6 years ago, so they may have been manufactured over a long period.

      • haha how did you see how many they have left? I still managed to order one today…

  • Does it come with a power cable?

  • +1

    Did anyone's get shipped yet? I have the tracking number, but it says the item is not yet scanned. So looks like it is not yet being picked up. Got the tracking number last friday.

    • Mine is still not tracking. Either with the number on aus post or nzpost.

  • +1

    Same here @ace310

    Most recent update
    Looks like your item hasn't been scanned yet.

    I have emailed them to see what the story is, as that message has been on the tracking site since June 1st.

    • +1

      Mine is now showing as item scanned and on it way from Brisbane. So looks good, let's see how long it takes.

  • +4

    I see that they posted an update on the oz bargain website that they are busy packing and sending them and have 2000 to send. This is a photo of a lot of them


    • +1

      Good to know. Thanks

  • Anyone got their one yet? I see someone on Geekzone has received there one and the casing looks like it came apart in transit.

    • It just clips back on, given they are refurbished and old(4-5 years old) they are probably a bit brittle and pop off easily.

      • They seem to be 2018-2019, which isn't really that old IMO, and I don't think plastic would get brittle after such a short time. If it was a 20 -30 year old computer then yes the plastic may start to get brittle, especially if in a sunny area. All my monitors are quite a bit older than that, eg Dell IPS screens from 2010 and 2012 and still look brand new.

    • As per last tracking update, it was on flight on 13th. Nothing after that.

  • Received mine today. Screen looks fine with no scratches. Back casing has quite a few, looks like damaged in transport. but if it works that's fine by me.

    The issue I have the power cable is not correct or does it come with a power adapter? I only have power cable which doesn't match with the monitor. If it does come with the power adapter then I have it missing in it.

    Can anyone confirm please if it's just the wrong cable or I am missing the power adapter?

    • The plug you have got looks like a clover plug which is not the right one. It looks like it just uses a common 3 pin PC plug from your photo.

      • Support was very helpful. They sent the correct power cable via express mail. Nice work.

    • Yep you got the wrong cable, that one is for laptop adapters.

      It takes a normal jug cord. You could probably pull one out of an old monitor, or even your kettle (hence the name jug cord). Or pick one of those up for cents on TradeMe.

      Also called an IEC C13 cable

      • I have seen 2 pin versions of these plugs, they use the 2 pin one on some Sony TVs. So people need to make sure they get the 3 pin version.

        • Haha I actually recycled the one on my existing monitor but I just looked at the one that came.

          It's quite possibly brand new, some random Chinese sourced one and beaten to all hell. One of the pins has a wicked bend, I wouldn't have been using the one that came with it anyway, even if I got the right one.

          It also came with a DP cable but I don't know which version, it doesn't say which usually means it's original version 1, AKA <1.2 and not usable for 4K60

  • First one of two has arrived.

    Display is fine, casing has taken damage. Stand has taken a decent blow.

    A bit of electric screwdriver work and it's all together and running fine.

    If it were an expensive monitor I would complain but you get what you paid for.

    The display itself is great, the SmartContrast SUCKS (can turn it off). Windows doesn't recognise its HDR capability. The stand is excellent (my existing 4K 32" has a fixed stand).

    And I'm most looking forward to the built in powered USB hub as I sorely need more accessible USB ports.

    All in all, glad I bought, the shipping damage was very worrying but looks like it came out right. Hopefully the second one fared better.

    Would I buy again? Probably not. The shipping damage and the customer pays return shipping is too risky.

    • It appears from a lot of people that the packaging may not have been ideal which is disappointing, as that is controllable

    • Got it working as had to unmount my 27 from the monitor arm to get the power cable which I have kind of fixed it. But monitor looks decent and happy with it.

      Yes, bit risky to buy due to the way it was shipped and stand has taken a beating on. But I will be mounting it so should be fine.

  • Mine says I should receive it today according to Ozposts tracking. Although it also said that on Friday.

    • Check that tracking number on nzpost. I had the same status of friday, but nzpost said out for delivery.

    • Damn, mine has said "International arrival - awaiting clearance" since Sunday afternoon

      • Mine is still stuck waiting clearance from Sunday too.

  • By default monitor is set for 4k30hz.

    Just leaving this here for others if they want to change to 4k60Hz

    SmartControl Software - Great to have so that you don't have to use touch controls.

    • Just noting I didn't have to do this, mine was already on DP1.2 (and HDMI 2.0 but I don't use that).

      Mine came with a DP cable, but I don't know what version cable it is since I was already using DP1.4 cables.

  • Mine got dropped off today and the box had obviously got the wet at some point in the journey as it was wet and falling apart on the top 1/4, and the cardboard was still wet Luckily the monitor was wrapped in bubblewrap and doesn't appear it got wet. Apart from the back being unclipped, some scratches to the stand and bod and a small scratch on the screen, it seems to work fine and the picture is pretty good.

    • Maybe all the people waiting for theirs to be delivered got wet and they're waiting for them to dry.

      Still waiting for the second of mine, and this is the NZPost history:
      In transit to local depot
      02:27pm, 23 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
      International arrival
      02:27pm, 23 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
      In transit to local depot
      05:10pm, 18 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
      International arrival
      01:04pm, 18 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
      Pending border clearance
      10:50am, 15 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

      It somehow arrived in NZ twice, 5 days apart and is now in transit to the local depot for the second time.

      • zzzz dunno what's going on… not sure why it's taking so long to go 17km from the Airport to my work….wish I could just go pick it up myself

        • In transit to local depot
          - 03:04pm, 23 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

        • International arrival
          - 03:04pm, 23 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

        • Processing at international depot
          - 01:12pm, 18 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

        • International arrival
          - 01:07pm, 18 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

        • Pending border clearance
          - 10:48am, 15 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

        • International departure
          - 06:49am, 12 June 2023, Brisbane, Australia

        • Processed at outbound depot
          - 06:48am, 12 June 2023, Brisbane, Australia

        • Picked up/Collected
          - 04:10pm, 09 June 2023, Brisbane, Australia

        • I'm guessing yours will also be shredded and have a letter dated 23rd June (but not the 18th June) saying it was damaged when they got it at the International Mail Centre.

  • sadly think mine is pakaru, sound works but no display, no onscreendisplay menu thing either, probably try opening it up later

    • When you first powered it on and switched it on, do you get a blue philips splash screen? If not then yes it doesn't sound good. Contact the seller if it is DOA

    • Mine finally arrived. Excited, I powered it on….and…just the backlight lit up. Awesome. No Philips splash screen display, no OSD, nothing. yay…..

      • yeah, sussing out a replacement, process seemed easy enough had to explain the details at https://www.australiancomputertraders.com.au/form/contact-us…

        • +1

          update: just received the replacement, shipped out pretty fast and it works so im happy, good luck to any others getting a replacement! it was super easy

  • I see that they do now have these for sale again. Maybe some are returns https://www.australiancomputertraders.com.au/philips-328p6v-…

    Anyone have issues getting the Smart control software to work on a dual monitor PC? It works fin when only connected to one monitor, but not when I have multiple monitors connected.

    • I think you need to select which display to configure. I had the issue when connected to laptop, but later found it. It might take few seconds to respond though.

      • I tried that by selecting the PHL090B monitor from the dropdown. But it doesn't let me out of the setup screen. All the other tabs (Picture, colour… etc) are not accessible, the cursor instead turns into a red warning sign when hovering over them. Luckily I find the onscreen controls ok to use as used to them with my Dell.

    • Looks like they have 43 instock.

  • +1

    Anyone else waiting for it to be delivered?

    • Yep, mine is NZ, stuck in "heading to local depot" for the last few days..

      • DOA with plenty of moisture inside the box and wet paperwork.
        Won’t power up and smells funny. Blown up caps,I guess!

  • FINALLY got my second one, which was ordered at the same time as the first one.

    Extremely beat up, haven't opened the box yet.

    NZ Post has taped a letter to it saying it was beat up before they got it which is dated (23 June) at the SECOND time they were transferring it to the local depot.

    So I wonder if they destroyed it, sent it back then pretended it was a new thing they've just received and slapped a letter on it saying they just got it and it was already beat up.

    In transit to local depot
    02:27pm, 23 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
    International arrival
    02:27pm, 23 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
    In transit to local depot
    05:10pm, 18 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
    International arrival
    01:04pm, 18 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand
    Pending border clearance
    10:50am, 15 June 2023, Auckland, New Zealand

    Anyway I have yet to open it, but if it's destroyed when I do, it's the sellers problem.

    • That doesn't sound good. Definitely take a video/ photo while unboxing. And open a dispute with seller. I received the power cable from the seller as had received the wrong one with the monitor. Just uploaded what I received and they immediately sent the correct one.

  • Here's how my second one came.

    Haven't plugged it in yet, but at first look it appears to have survived. Or, more accurately, the panel isn't cracked.

    Everything else is the same as the last one except the box is completely wrecked this time.

    • +1

      Schrodinger's monitor.

      • +1

        Switched, and works fine.

        So luckily the extremely low bar it had to meet, was met.

        I'm going to send that link above to the vendor, but otherwise conclude the transaction is complete.

        Also worth mentioning that I didn't have to change it to DP1.2. That was set by default.

    • Mine finally arrived. Pretty crap packaging alright… and it's DOA. Backlight lights up and that's about it.

      • That sucks, hopefully it's as easy as that guy above had. Because I wouldn't want to go through this process a second time.

      • Have contacted them via their web form. Sent through images and video of the current state of the screen. They said they'll get a replacement to me. Sweet!

      • Similar experience, sound but no video. No others in stock to replace it with. Any chance you're in Auckland and don't need the faulty one? Maybe I can salvage a working screen out of 2 dead ones.

        • I'm in AKL, send me a PM (I can't seem to send you one) and we'll sort something out

          • @itakestime: Ah looks like you have to enable private messaging in your user settings (yours are turned off too). Can you try messaging me now?

    • Looks similar condition to mine as it also looks like it got wet and mine was certainly still wet. I didn't get any letter attached to mine and luckily it worked fine. Luckily I didn't sign for it because if I did, I wouldn't have signed it as receiving it in good condition.

  • Can I just ask, the monitor doesn't seem to switch between sources depending on the sources it detects ? or am I wrong as usual…

  • Is it a good monitor for work? Thinking of dual setup

    • Excellent but I wouldn't recommend buying them. This whole scenario has been terrible and some people have had it even worse than I.

      As long as it's 4K and IPS you should have a good experience for work purposes. HDR and high frame rates won't improve work, but high resolutions will give more screen real estate (assuming you use 100% scaling), and IPS will give good colour/contrast and won't wash out when viewed at an angle (showing other people your work).

  • Mine arrived yesterday,
    Package was hammered and had the wet sticker on it, like some others.

    Letter from NZ post saying they got it damaged on the 26th, tracking says it was in NZ 9n the 15th waiting clearance on the 18th.

    Opened it up, bubble wrap for the screen and those little air bags around it. A few had been deflated, no surprise.

    Some marks on the base stand and a few on the bevels monitor but not too bad.

    Powered up and running, so counting it lucky. Missing a screw for the base stand to the arm of the monitor. Which is not ideal as it wants to tip forward at certain hights, reaching out to support for possible replacement or information on what would work if I just buy from mitre 10.

    Had to switch from DP 1.1 to 1.2 and will say the visual quality improved.

    Pretty impressed, rand battlebit remastered at 4k on a 6600xt and solid 60 fps all the way. Can totally see people on the map now, first upgrade from 1080p.

    • +2

      Missing a screw for the base stand to the arm of the monitor. Which is not ideal as it wants to tip forward at certain hights, reaching out to support for possible replacement or information on what would work if I just buy from mitre 10.

      I received an extra one of these on my first display, there was one on the arm, and one attached to the base. I probably got your arm. If you're in Auckland you can collect it in Browns Bay if need be.

      • Thank you for the offer.
        I am in Palmy North, so a bit of a drive.

        I have been told on that a M6 bolt should do the trick, which I might be able to get from the local Bunnings.

        If worse comes to worse I might take you up on your offer and pay you for shipping if it is excess to your needs.

        Still waiting if support gets back to me but only sent message late last night.

        • +1

          Have added images to that link from earlier of what it looks like, and a calliper measurement.


          I literally had a good chuckle when I saw it. Because I knew someone would be missing theirs, so left it on the dining table.

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