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Auckland to Shanghai, China from $896 Return via Guangzhou on China Southern [June Dates] @ Beat That Flight


Notably cheaper than the previous deal in March, China Southern has flights to various cities in China. I've gone through the Shanghai route to find examples:

China Southern is a 4-star Sktrax-rated airline.

They all connect in CAN (Guangzhou) and then can connect on to many Chinese cities, including :
- CKG Chongqing
- CTU Chengdu
- FOC Fuzhou
- HGH Hangzhou
- KMG Kunming
- NKG Nanjing
- PEK Beijing
- PVG Shanghai Pudong
- SHA Shanghai Hongqiao
- SZX Shenzhen
- WUH Wuhan
- XIY Xi'an
- XMN Xiamen

Auckland to Shanghai

Dates: 1 Jun 23 - 30 Jun 23

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  • Says bad gateway when you click go to deal

    • try reloading?

  • Sorry if this is a silly question, but do you know why the price increases once I click on the direct link?

    • Airline prices change often hourly, and it takes time to propogate through to agents and OTAs. So a lot of the intermediary steps the providers might cache the data. This works pretty well most of the time, but sometimes you might want that price, and just before purchase they re-query the airline to confirm the price. It might be that the airline has changed the prices, or even that they only had say 3 seats in a particular price bucket which have now sold out, so the price is updated, and propogated back to you as a price change :/

    • as another example of this, for a deal on ozbargain I had two scripts running overnight looking at prices, and by accident they scanned the same routes 4 hours apart, and it was amazing how many of the values had changed!

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