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XFX Radeon RX 6950 XT Speedster MERC319 BLACK Gaming 16GB Graphics Card $1099 + Shipping @ Computer Lounge


Better than the 4070 in Raster in most cases:

HUB Benchmarks 40 Games:

If you want Ray Tracing, its a battle
Alternative option is probably wait till 7800XT gets released then compare these 3 (if 6950XT is still around)

Use Radeon Chill to close the gap between the 4070 and the 6950XT on the power consumption difference

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  • Read Linus tech review on 4060Ti best spend extra due to Ti 8gb bottleneck.

    • Yeah, sadly 4060ti is barely better than 3060ti 😕

      • 40 series is so much cooler and quieter which is a huge plus. I used to have a 3080 and it sure could warm up a room.

      • Yeah 3060ti whips 4060ti's butt half the time while the 3060ti is also cheaper and available on the 2nd hand market too

        The only reason to get a 40 series low/midrange is if power, AV1 encoding and RT(higher end cards of last gen will beat it at times) are essential to you.

        • Also if you primarily play slow-paced games, DLSS frame gen on the 40XX series is a great tool to have.

          • +2

            @Avantime: Fyi for those that don't know DLSS3 frame gen also increases lag with fake frames since then every 2nd frame is where your input matters

    • This is great info and you guys are the best!

  • Do note the power draw can be quite high 335w (official numbers), you may want a beefier PSU to go with it.

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