Save 5cents at the till

May get some hate for how cheap this is - but may come in useful if you’re really penny pinching.

When paying by card at self checkout at Countdown (and, I’m assuming any other self checkout), go “split payment”, round down to the nearest 5 cents - the transaction will go thorough as complete and not ask for the additional 5 cents.


  • LOL - I don't think I would bother, but well spotted :-)

  • The cheapest of all the cheapies haha

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    When going to Countdown, park as close as you can to the exit and walk the rest of the way. Doing this a few times a week can save you at least $0.05 in fuel.

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      I always do this, but mainly to ensure I can make a quick getaway in the event of a nuclear strike aimed at Countdown.

      Hadn't considered the $0.05 of petrol I was also saving - bonus!

      • Very good strategy 😂

        • You've got to consider the most likely scenarios, and plan accordion so there's always a spot up the nearest tree when the music stops - I always say.

      • the time and patrol saved not having your car stuck in a car park or waiting for a park closer may be worth more than 5 cents of patrol.

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      I always park far from the store entry and away from other cars so that I don't get my doors scratched. That's way more expensive then saving 5c in fuel.

    • We need a full breakdown - fuel saved along with saved mileage on the vehicle compared to time taken to walk, kilojoules needed to fuel the human and other items like increased wear and tear on shoes 😁

      • Plus the climate impact from the waste heat generated by the body, moving from the distant parking space to the store - don't forget the 'big picture'!

        • That’s a good point, especially given the additional heat will mostly be dropped inside the store which will then require climate control to counteract it.

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    Should have posted this as a deal, would have won deal of the month for sure

  • I'm surprised you can. I tried to split payment a few weeks ago to finish off some Prezzy cards. Payment screen flashes past split payment so you can't select. Took 3 almost cancel orders to return to the payment section and be able to select it. Same thing has happened every transaction I've done since.

    • some stores default to (credit or Eftpos) card payment straight away, but always has an option (on screen) to go back to the other payment screen including part payment as needed.

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    Another good money saver that'll potentially save about $10 a day, don't buy a pie and an energy drink, make a sandwich and have a drink of water. You're welcome 😁

  • Works at Foodies stores too but you need a coin to trick the machine to return it

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    When you could buy small notebooks at Warehouse Stationary for 5c each at the beginning of the school year I would buy 3 and pay cash so, because of the rounding, I got the 3 for 10c.

    • Cheapie legend!

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