The Clearance Websites Thread

A place to post links to websites that have a clearance section. Makes it easier for people to find deals.

  • Post links you would like included in the comment section below
  • Some stores could be placed in many categories. I have chosen the category that I think fits best
  • Feedback is welcomed
  • There is an official version of this clearance thread here (any member can edit it).
    To get there on your own, go to Pages ➟ Wiki ➟ Other Pages ➟ List of Clearance Sites
  • Shout-out to Arsonist for bringing this idea to me back in March of 2022 (and providing many of the links below).

Clothing, Shoes, Accessories
AS Colour
Blitz Surf
Cactus Outdoor
ECCO Shoes
Hyper Ride
Kmart women
New Balance
Outback Trading
Pat Menzies Shoes
Smart Wool
Stoney Creek

Food & Drinks
Kea Cookies
Munch Time

Health & Beauty
Chemist Warehouse
Elite Fitness
Health 2000
NZ Muscle
Pharmacy Direct
Pure Nature
Sprint Fit

Appliance Outlet
Bed Bath n’ Table
Coco Republic
Danske Møbler
Early Settler
Freedom Furniture
Harvey Furnishings
Mighty Ape
Taking Shape
The Design Store
The Lighting Outlet
The Warehouse

Music Works
Rock Shop

Office & Stationery
Office Max
Warehouse Stationery

Funky Gifts
Green Machine

Sports & Outdoors
99 Bikes
Adventure Outlet
Army & Outdoors
Evo Cycles
Farm Source
Further Faster
Golf Warehouse
Hunters Element
Hunting & Fishing
Living Simply
Marine Deals
Moutain Warehouse
NZ Board Store
Players Sports
Pro Bike Kit
Rebel Sport

Dell NZ
Dick Smith NZ
Harvey Norman
JB Hi-Fi
Noel Leeming
PB Tech

Tools, Machinery, Trade, Automotive
NZ Safety Blackwoods
Royal Wolf
Supercheap Auto
The Tool Shed
Tile Depot
Trade Workwear

Toys, Babies, Kids
Jamie Kay
The Hobby Clearance Company


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    Great idea Arsonist and thanks for implementing Wakrak!

  • AScolor marks their category as 'Sale' rather than 'Clearance' . Don't know if they still make it to the list

    Generic :


    Women :


    • Added

      • Then you might also want to add:

        • We might need to establish a rule or two. Do we just add all websites that have a sale or those that have a specific clearance page? I vote for the latter.

          • @Wakrak: I think this thread should only contain true clearance pages.

            If there is interest in listing company sales pages, it might be a feature to suggest to the mods where the company deals page (ie this one) pulls the companies current mailer/sale pages, or at least links to them

          • @Wakrak: Definitely needs some kind of rules. To be honest I wonder how useful this is really? I find 95% of web stores I go to have a clearance page and most of them aren’t great. Like “clearance” items but it’s only 10-15% off, maybe 20% if you’re lucky.

            To me clearance should be 40% off at least, but there’s no way to filter out on that criteria here.

            • @kinetic9: I agree. A lot of those furniture stores above for example I probably wouldn't look at again. But then there are others that I check daily (Hyper Ride, New Balance, The Warehouse, Kmart, Noel Leeming).

              I could go through and cull the ones that I think are no good.

              • @Wakrak: I'm not really sure what's the best way, as it's going to depend if the retailer adds good clearance prices. As a general info page it's fine, but if you're just adding any site with a clearance page it's going to be a lot of them.

                Any good clearance deals will usually end up being limited quantity anyway and would get posted in the limited quantity thread.

                Hopefully someone else will chime in with a good idea.

              • @Wakrak: I think it would be good to only include clearance pages with a minimum discount (say, 40%, but whatever you think is fine with me).

                The difficulty will be that many (maybe most) will have varying discounts, so might be too hard to manage - we don't want to make this into a big chore for you!

  • Good thread man 👍

  • How can we add more to this list? Just post under reply?

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      Yes. As mentioned by OP.

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    Great post. @Wakrak, you might be able to close some of those tabs now.

  • Warehouse Stationery
    Often has nothing in it (like now!) but every now and again something decent pops up.

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      Active now

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        Be good if you could search for ‘in stock’ items.
        I hate how their search brings up so many out of stock lines.

  • Thank you, great post.

  • Great post, already forwarded on to family 😬 thanks for your hard work

  • Amazing post!! Could add Kea cookies (gluten free biscuits) to Food & Drinks? Big savings buying their broken biscuits:

  • Just an FYI, we have a Wiki. Wiki's are pages that anyone can edit, which can make it easier for users to add or remove entries to lists.

    This article explains how the wiki formatting and syntax works.

  • Cheers @Wakrak


    This is the new location for this forum. Any of you (I think…) can add, remove, and change things around.

    • Outstanding effort.
      Thanks and well done.

    • Is there a discussion section attached to the wiki?

      I don't think it will really work having the Wiki in one place, and the discussion here?

      • Good point. No discussion section. I can bring it back here if we think that's better? Depends on what we're wanting. Just a page with all clearance websites (new location) or a bit of banter to go with it (here).

        • Enjoy the chat in the forum. I vote for here.

        • +1

          Others might feel differently, but for me, I won't ever think to look at it in the Wiki.

          That whole section seems mostly dead, mainly due to there being nothing to lead you to look at it - no discussion, no interaction.

          Also, if anyone an edit it (in the Wiki), then it could easily become a mess (or require periodic fixing). At least here, you are, effectively, the sole moderator of what is in and out. Not everyone will agree with you (me included probably!) but at least it will have some sanity / consistency…. on the other hand:

          ??? Wakrak <-> Sanity ???


          I vote for here too :-)

          Sorry Wak!

        • Another vote for here.

        • I vote for discussion as well. Maybe leave the list in Wiki and discussion here.

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    Army and Outdoors
    Dick Smith
    Kea Cookies
    Living Simply
    Pure Nature
    Rock Shop
    Sprint Fit
    Warehouse Stationery


  • Thanks! added to my bookmarks

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  • More of a decent sale site than a clearance site, which is why it isn't included above, but Boardertown always have good items at a decent price.

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    Removed 1-day

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      RIP. Remember purchasing from them way back in '07 when was just 3 daily deals. The deals started at midday and ran through to 11:59pm the following day.

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        The good old days!

      • Oops that should read 11:59am. There were a whole bunch more, and it turns out Cheapies even has a wiki of them all.

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        Shared an office floor with mr 1-day back in that era. There was a shared office printer. That printer often had notices of charge-backs scattered around it. And when 1-day moved on, we inherited a bunch of $5 wired mice from the junk pile they left behind. Damn impressive the name lasted this long eh.

      • Just means someone new can come in with the same concept and start it again.

  • Kmart mens clearance link not working

    • Removed

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