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Beyond Cast Iron Camping Frying Pan 29.5x3.5cm $6.99 + Shipping @ 1-day, The Market


Very cheap for a decent sized cast iron pan! Beyond Cast Iron Camping Frying Pan, 29.5x3.5cm

  • Dimensions: 29.5cm diameter x 3.5cm depth
  • Material: Pre-seasoned cast iron, wooden handle

Beyond Cast Iron Camping Casserole Pot 25x10cm $15

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    Wow thats super cheap, especially considering the previous cast iron deal posted. Wonder if its worth the buy, I mean $7 is not much to lose

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      The last brand of cast iron cookware that 1-day used to sell was called Liberty. Here's some feedback from previous posts. Could be a completely different product but thought it was worth mentioning.


      (stuntah) They are cast iron, they become non-stick after seasoning and lots of use - they will last a lifetime if cared for. Note they are heavy, take a long time to heat up and need care (reseasoning, careful cleaning/drying). I love mine, but for quick meals I stick to hard anodized non-stick pans

      (elbrownos) If it rusts then it's not seasoned. If you season them properly then they are trouble free.
      I think this is a good deal. There's no difference between expensive cast iron pans and cheap ones.


      (biggie000) I have used these before and they aren't very good and need to be properly re-seasoned quite regularly.

      (Zyo) Cast iron pans need to be seasoned after each use. they are not nonstick frying pans

      (biggie000) Yup.. But that normally entails washing with warm water after each use and applying oil.. But these one need to be properly seasoned i.e. Applying oil and baking them so that the oil forms a coating making them non stickyish.. But this again wears out in a few weeks instead of months/ years with better quality pans. At least that has been my experience with these.


      (Dewoodelf) I bought these a few years back and they aren't very good quality, made of chinesium metal. I ended up selling them and buying a used cast iron off trademe

      • Thanks for the feedback, lots of good points made here and makes sense for the price

      • I have one that was like $24 for 3. Not as good preseasoned as the more expensive option but if you do that properly it last as usual (why it should not?) I dont need to reseason for at least a year.

      • here a review here
        " 3 months ago Good - but heavy for the handle provided
        Rather heavy and handle feels like it may not be too secure so I am weary of lifting while hot. Other than that it is a good cast iron pan"

        i had one with a wooden handle and after a few years it was a hassle lifting and rotating to pour the contents out as it would slip so i got a solid one instead.

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    Nooooise. I ordered one now. Thank you, great finding!

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    As long as no-one gets the absolutely shite Simon Gault cast Iron pans from Briscoes I'll be happy.

    • Lol, all cast iron is good, some are better, but those are particularly funny because Briscoes has always sold those pans for more than a decade, often for $20 for the set of three, then one day his name was slapped on and the price went up.

      I have those pans (bought for $20) and after what must be a decade of use now, they're amazing.

      I would never wash with water, just scrape (as needed) and oil spread with a paper towel.

      I wouldn't pay the new Briscoes price for them.

  • I inherited a Cast iron frying pan from my Mother, she got it from her mother. All do is give it a quick swish with hot water and a dish brush, (depending on what I've cooked in it I occasionally use a drop of dishwash liquid), then I just wipe it out. I don't bother to 'oil' it it doesn't need it now-a-days. It's the best frying pan Iv'e ever owned. It doesn't have wooden handle, only metal so i can use it in the oven and have indeed cooked small roasts in it sometimes ! Be very careful with these pans because if you drop it you're going to damage whatever it lands on !

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