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Auntie Dai's Dumplings 500/600g $8 @ Countdown


Some good deals for the Auntie Dai Dumplings. These are pretty tasty.

  • Pork & Garlic Chives
  • Pork & Coriander
  • Prawn Pork & Garlic
  • Vegetarian

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  • Any tips on how to cook these properly? At least 3-5 fall apart if I cook them in water. At least 10-20 break if I go straight for an oil fry with a bit of water.

    • Get a better fry pan?

      But seriously, fry in a very small bit of oil, then add water to boil/steam and when the water is gone add more oil to finish frying.

      • It's supposed to be a non stick pan. I'll stop being greedy and cook them in batches. Maybe chucking the whole bag of dumplings into a pan has some opportunity for improvement.

        • yes always cook food in batches.

      • Yup, I do this with my cast iron and they come out great. I normally cook 8-10 at a time

    • By "cooking them in water", I assume you are boiling them. How long are you boiling them and do you pop them into hot boiling water to start?

      • Big pot with lots of water. Then add dumplings to boiling water for 10 ish minutes.

        • Yeah that's too long. 6 minutes is all you need (even says so on the instruction on back of the pack). Dumpling skin will break down if left in boiling water too long. (even 8 minutes is too long when I accidentally left it in longer than intended) Highly recommend setting a timer on your phone.

          You should stir occasionally so the dumpling doesn't stick to bottom of the pot which can also cause breakage of skin. Not sure how many you cook at any one time in relation to the pot size but make sure the dumplings are able to move around freely in the water when stirred.

    • I don't think it's supposed to be oil fried raw. Cook in boiled water first, and you can fried them after they get cold.
      Boil water first then put frozen dumplings in the pot.
      Stir occasionally to prevent sticking on the pot.
      turn down the heat after water is boiling again. simmer in medium heat for a short time. The dumplings are cooked when wrapper's colour changed to the colour you think it's cooked ha ha

      • +1

        No, they can be fried 'raw', it's what the packet suggest. You place them on a fry pan then add water and put a lid on to steam them then when the water has nearly evaporated you start to fry them. Alternatively you can even fry them a bit before you start to steam them/add water. Some other dumplings suggest this method.

        The key thing is to add water so they are steamed which helps to properly cook the skin etc. Also don't overcrowd them.

        • That's basically how I do them (steam/fry in a pan). I've also found it helpful to move the dumplings around to stop them from sticking to the pan.
          Also enjoy a soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce 50/50 mix as a dipping sauce.

        • That's steaming then frying though. The steam thaws them out

    • I use a stainless steel wok (flat/round bottom should work), line like 8-10 dumplings, add bit of oil, add water covering about 3/4 of the dumplings. Cover the wok and steam/cook them until they dry up, the oil will fry the bottom of the dumplings and crisp them up.

    • They always break when I try to boil them, so now I only use pan fry method. I use cast iron pan, heat the pan up for a few minutes, add 1 tablespoon oil, then place the dumplings in the pan, cook for a few minutes. Mix 1.5 tablespoon flour with 180ml water (just eyeball it), pour the flour water into to pan, low heat for 10-15 minutes until the water is gone and the base is crispy. Done!

    • Not sure if it'll work with this brand - but this is how I cook the Chinese branded ones from the Asian supermarkets:

      Good amount of oil in non-stick pan, then spread frozen dumplings onto the pan. Now add water so that the water level is at 1/3rd of the dumpling height (or if you've crowded the pan like I normally do then probably water level at half height).

      Cover pan and cook on med-high until you start hearing sizzling sounds, then uncover and reduce heat slightly to medium, and keep cooking until the water is basically gone, then you should able to start gently stirring/turning the dumplings to fry the other side. Add more oil if you need.

      But tbh I find most of it is really in the quality of the dumplings in the first place - some brands the skin is just more prone to breaking apart. Maybe it's something to do with how it's frozen.

      • I think my mistake has been max heat (coz frozen, you know). I'll try it again and also add a dash more water and less crowding.

        • I think you also need to make sure you basically don't touch them until most of the water has evaporated, and the skin gets firm.

  • +1

    These have been down to half price ($5.80) a couple of times this year.

    Still a saving at $8 a pack but think I might hold out a bit longer.

  • +2

    Price at $8 is okay, but these periodically come down to $5.80 every 3-4 months or so which is really when you'd want to stock up on them.

    • Also I know this was a local deal but just the past weekend Golden Apple Henderson/Lincoln Road had 35 Wonderful dumplings for $6.99. So always worth checking you local East Asian grocery for deals.

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