Switching time- electric and broadband recommendations?

It's that time of the year for me to think about switching providers for electricity +/- broadband. Anyone got recommendations?

Not a high power user or gamer so standard features are fine.

Currently with Electric Kiwi for both, but they keep raising their prices and it seems Flick is cheaper (or Naumaira for low users).
Also I see they don't offer a free modem anymore but have changed it to free modem "rental".
Their hour of power is handy but not really practical for me as I'm out most of the day and sleep before their non-peak hours kick in!


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    I did a recent analysis, and Mercury ended up being cheapest with the $250 2 year offer.
    Re internet, slingshot 300/100 was cheapest at 57.95/month

    • yea sounds decent.

      for non-contract i see flick and flip are the best but yes still slightly more than the term contract option

      • I just moved from Flick to Contact 9-12 free. As per my calculation for last 3 months both came to almost same price. I have an EV and no hot water so seems fine to me. Due to $100 referral bonus will stick with them for couple of months and probably look into Mercury or something else at that time.

        Broadband I think currently Slingshot & zeronet might be your options.

      • for non-contract our next best option was the Contact EV plan - we were tempted but there was no guarantee that prices won't go up, so will opt for Mercury.

  • Zeronet are doing 6 months half price broadband. https://www.zeronet.co.nz/plans/

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    Z electric is still offering the very generous offer of 75L of fuel after joining for 2 weeks without a contract. via referral.


    one of the best sign up offer available if you have not done it before.

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