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Free Replacement LEGO Pieces For Your Lost/Broken Parts @ LEGO


LEGO Free Replacement Pieces For Your Lost/Broken bricks at LEGO.

  • Tap the missing or broken bricks link.
  • Enter your country.
  • Enter the set number.
  • Add missing/broken bricks to cart and confirm order.

Lego will send the replacement bricks to you free of charge.

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    Not really a deal - More of a PSA - as Lego have been doing this for years

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      That's true, however I didn't know this service existed until recently.

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        Me neither. Thanks!

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    An amazing PSA, cheers! I have a couple of sets with technic connectors that have snapped. Can this go under 'long running deals'?

    • You're welcome. A few pieces I'm very happy to have replaced.

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    Ohh I had no idea!

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    I availed of this recently. My son got 3/4 of the way through his new set and was devastated to find that a piece was missing. They sent the piece all the way from Europe and it arrived in two to three weeks

    • Awesome! He would have been stoked to get the missing piece.

      • +1

        So was I. He was asking just about every day where it was 😆

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    Their customer service is great and helpful, but if they find out someone abusing the replacement system, they will blacklisted your account on Lego website and include your address and payment details, so you’re no longer able to buy anything or using any service from Lego online. So if they blacklisted you, no one in this address can order anything from them or if you use other address buy same payment you used before, they will cancel your order. There are more information online about it you can google it. I been using the service few times just tell them what help you need, I even got a whole sticker sheet replaced for a expensive set just because they were sun damaged. Lego has excellent customer service and really helpful, just don’t abuse it. If you have some broken parts just let them know and they should happy to help and sent the replacement.

    • Excellent feedback. And good point about abusing the system.

    • negative

    • Don't spoil the fun for kids.

      • -2

        Oh of course not!

        Just wondering really, The headache of doing a whole set pretty quickly outweighs any benefit!… and of course there's the risk of ruining it for everyone else

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    Noice! The kid had snapped off the excavator arm clean off. This should help. Never knew about this. Thanks, OP.

    • Excellent that you'll be able to make good use of it.

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      Absolutely fine as a freebie deal.

    • From what I can see, this is just as good as a free t-shirt or free game deal.

  • I tried this 2 years ago but they refused the request. I try again now. it seams they have different process now.
    this is what I got last time.

    Thanks for your recent LEGO® parts request.
    We’re sorry, but we haven’t been able to process your order 301*******24 as it didn’t pass our validation checks. This could be for a number of reasons and it may simply be that the number of parts you’ve requested exceeds our maximum order quantity.
    We’d like to help you get the replacement parts you need, but as the validation process is automatic, any similar orders you place through our website will also be cancelled.

    • +1

      I read somewhere (unofficial so take that into account) - that certain specific parts on certain sets are basically hand put into the box and checked - as the machines cant do it or they are so unique (or maybe expensive?). So if you claim one of these you get auto blacklisted as they know or at least think your having a go.

    • Just an update that I got a confirmation email that the part has shipped.

      I will try another broken part to see, which is more expensive

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    my daughter gave up on her set because it was missing a couple of bricks. Thanks for this, she can definitely try to finish her build now

  • I thought this was a Lego standard

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    My son has quite a few lego sets that are missing one or two parts.
    Never realised this was an option.
    Thanks OP

    • +1

      That's great to hear. A good excuse to take a couple of days off work to build through the sets… Just to make sure.

  • I’m assuming the replacements for missing parts are for new sets only

    • If claiming broken part, it can't be new. My interpretation.

  • anyone received the replacement if you tried this service?

    I ordered one and it is confirmed to be shipped in May just after this post posted. But I haven't received it yet and yesterday I raised an request about the order and just got replied and said they send me another part. will see.

    • The customer support has confirmed this service is available in NZ and my address is correct and valid. so will see when I can receive it.

    • i never got my replacement part on 22th of may they said it shipped and i still have not go it :(

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        I got it last week

        • hope mine will come

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            @jamesdeal: maybe it is lost same as mine I ordered in May and then I contacted them and they shipped again in July.

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    I placed an order through the site late June and a package arrived a couple of days ago with the missing pieces.
    The DHL package contains an apology letter and a lego baggy with the ordered bricks.

    Excellent service from Lego.

    • wow im still waiting for mine shipped on 22th of may

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