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OnGas 9kg Swap Gas Bottle $41.07 @ Bunnings ($34.91 via Price Guarantee at Mitre 10)


Hi everyone,

So, this is the biggest technicality in regard to Price Promise I've ever seen.

Bunnings has their OnGas Gas Bottle 9kg $0.01c cheaper than Mitre 10. Price Guarantee of 15% brings it down to $34.91 at Mitre 10.

*Currently out of stock in Rotorua. Check your local store before going to your local Mitre 10.

Mitre 10 link

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    Cool if so,
    This might be one where they know they are priced higher and have updated their instore price already to match bunnings, so they their price guarantee wouldnt apply. Sneaky trick.

    • Yeah maybe but it never hurts to find out

      • Bunnings also offer price beat though, meaning whichever one of them is $0.01 cheaper - just go to the other one

    • Can confirm it worked.

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    Couple of things OP:

    A price match isn't a deal on it's own so your title needs to read $41.07 @ Bunnings (which is the cheaper place, not Mitre 10)
    With the price at Bunnings being $41.07 the price guarantee would make it $34.91 at Mitre 10 not $35.72.

  • Typical of the Aussies to dominate and reduce NZ retailers profit margins. Profits are probably negligible anyway on a Swappa deal. Also I noted that I recently bought one of these at Bunnings for $36.89 on the 17th March - as we know prices keep going up rather quickly!

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      Typical of the Aussies to dominate and reduce NZ retailers profit margins

      There is absolutely nothing stopping you paying more to get it from an 'NZ retailer' - completely a choice for you to make.

      Alternatively, you could buy it from Bunnings at the lower price, and then go to your local NZ retailer and gift them the difference.

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    Real cheapies do not swap, they fill! Last time when I filled my 9KG bottle from Kiwigas in Chch, it cost me about $27. That's the real price beat.

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      If you look out, you'll probably see $25 ($24.99) for a 9kg fill (at least in Auckland), or you did last year.

      I haven't filled my 9kg bottles since the start of the last season (say, Oct 2022), so possible those deals are gone, but I would be a little surprised.

      • I'd love these sorts of deals in Rotorua.

    • refill while you can

      but once bottle is expired, only option is to swap

      • That will be once in 10 years!

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          Then you do a swap and ask nicely if they can give you a newer bottle, that should last another 8-10 years if you're lucky.

      • I wait until the bottle is, say, about 7 or 8 years old, then go for a swap.

        If the new bottle is still 'old', I swap again, and keep doing that until I get a 'young' bottle, then revert to fills.

        That way, I never have to purchase a new bottle.

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    Kiwigas in Chch does 9KG bottle swap at home for $37. You have the fancy payment option of cash under the bottle.
    Refill cost is $26.9 from their Hornby shop.

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    Mata Gas in Onehunga is still $24 for 9 kg bottle refill. They also have a branch in Christchurch where its only $20 for a refill. https://matagas.co.nz/

    • Thanks for that info.

    • I see they also do swap a bottle for $35. Although that price is for an "indate" botte swap.

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      Did they just it change to $30?

      • It's showing Christchurch only on their website for the $20 refill price.

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          The Christchurch price has always been $20.

          The onehunga one has been $24 for a long time and still was up until very recently. Now when I check again it shows $30 now, not the $24 it used to show a few months ago.

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    It is important to note that not all gas is the same.

    • Care to elaborate?

      • The way it was explained to me is that some of these have a lower butane, higher propane content is better in winter due to some reason(cant remember why exactly… I think its temperature related)

        • +1

          I don't know, but I would imagine most BBQs would be made to use one or the other - you might want to check if there is some risk / downside to using a different option.

          Maybe not, but best to be sure.

          • @Alan6984: I use it for hot water, so either is okay for me.

            • @Sharetank Dude: You must still be burning it in something - I'd still take care to be sure that whatever it is you are setting it alight in is manufactured to be able to handle the gas you are using.

    • It pretty much is. Everything you buy is butane.

      It's incredibly hard to get anything else.

      Propane is widely available in other countries but not easy to get hold of in NZ and it's much more expensive.

      • I could be wrong, thats just want a family member said, thats why they get it. Could be incorrect.

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    I found an expired bottle in the scrap metal at work. They dont accept these as scrap metal anyway for safety reasons so I took it to bunnings and got it swapped for a full one. Now I have a spare to swap out when one runs low.

  • For those in christchurch https://kiwigas.co.nz/ in shands road hornby is usually cheaper then this. Was $26.90 a few weeks ago

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