This was posted 4 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $992.99 + Shipping / $0 CC @ PB Tech


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Dual SIM Foldable Smartphone 12GB+256GB

Seems to be the cheapest price ever… A pretty good deal if its something you are after.

Normally $2,698.99 Save: $1,706 (63%)

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  • This looks like a pricing error. They could be missing a 1 at the beginning, otherwise that's a HUGE discount!

  • Selling at 1500ish in NL.…

    So it is still a huge discount or might be a price error but I would not think it is missing a 1 at the beginning, lol.

  • Opinions on this? Already got a S22 Ultra and not really fully convinced with foldables but at this price maybe?

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      Why would you need 2?

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        Why not

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            @Vishnu Masala: Right, so every family should have just one car because one car is enough to drive the whole family. In fact, there's no point having nice cars or nice things, because it's not like you'd need a luxury car to commute to your destination anyway. And everyone should just buy one house to live in, because it's enough and there's no such thing as investment properties. Everyone should just have one kid like the policy in China, because why would you ever need 2 kids. Everyone should just have one kidney because you really only need one to live.

            Having a backup of anything is always a good thing. If your phone or laptop ever gets stolen, you can always get it back up and running quickly. Not to mention there are many use cases for a 2nd phone, like doing testing or development work or running a server or website or whatever on it. Or even just buying it to flip it on Trademe, or the simple fact that the phone is unique. You're probably one of those first generations of people who think tablets are pointless because we already have phones and laptops and don't need another niche product, which is what this is. It bridges the gap between a phone and a tablet in a way. But hey, it seems like you have better sense than everyone else, so screw the people with money to spend, am I right?

            • @NovaAlpha: Keep telling yourself you actually have a need and someone to contact with your 5 devices. Didn't need to write a novel.. Seems Ive touched a nerve..

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    The price has been fixed? Shows $2,698.99 now.

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      Link shows $992.99 for me.


      • $2,698.99 for me as well.

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        As mentioned in the post you need to be a PB Insider to get the pricing early.
        Sign in to your account and click the link mentioned in the description.
        You will then see the deal pricing.

        • Thanks, worked for me

        • Thanks for the reply. That works for me. Just ordered two and collect them tomorrow at the store.

        • oddly enough I did that on a brand new (from trademe) ipad that hasnt seen pbtech before so who knows, might be a bug

    • Need to be signed up for pb insider mailer. Link in description, it's free. This is early access price and becomes available to all who don't sign up tomorrow.

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    I think the pricing is actually right, otherwise why would the design department made the following image?…

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    I've bought one, collect tomorrow, thanks!

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    Its the 2021 model which is probably why it’s so cheap. The RRP is also probably the RRP from launch…

    • You are right, there will be a new model releasing in August so will make this 2 generations old.

  • After midnight the price will from 2698.99 down to 992.99,
    only a few insiders can shop early with discounted prices.

  • Very tempting.

  • RRP is crazy, it's old version so the current market price is 1500~, but 1k is also a good price, although it's old

    • Soon they will be like paper thin, rollable and of course made affordable to the masses.

  • +5

    I'm still not sold on the long term durability of folding screens yet, however awesome they are to use.

    For all of you that do get one, do keep in mind Samsung's one time discount screen replacement service for their foldables within a year of purchase…

    • +1

      My partner loves hers but the folding plastic screen bubbled up just under a year of ownership.
      When we bought this phone, it came with a one time free replacement from Samsung instead of a discount.
      Not sure if this was why, but when we took it back to the retailer (JB) to get it replaced, they sent it off to Samsung and they replaced/fixed it for free without hassle.

      I really think you shouldn't need to pay for a replacement anyway in NZ with CGA. You can't expect a phone this expensive to be defective within even 2 years.

      • my flip bubbled. Screen protector can be removed

      • For a $1-2k phone a 3 year CGA cover should be easy. Had a $200 Dell tablet died after 2 1/2 years and NL covered the replacement for free (brought up CGA of course). This was a few years ago tho.

      • Plastic screen is a screen protecting flim which can be removed. It's a bit hard to remove but it's definitely removable. Checkout Youtube. I removed it after 2 months from purchase, then still using fine for 1.5 years without any issue.

    • My employers one broke and became unusable, he just got it back this week actually, they repaired under warranty

    • Yes, IMO it is a design flaw with the technology and implementation. It is sort of designed for someone who may only keep a phone for 1-2 years. But if the screen was treated as a consumable, and was really cheap and quick to get replaced, I would be more sold on it.

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    And tomorrow there's gonna be a few dozen on facebook for $1300+

    Happened when NL cleared out the flips

  • And just like that… it's all gone!

  • Just collected the one from the store. The staff said already sold out in the store.

  • Sold out now. I just bought the last one 😆

  • Who ordered two and wants to offload one? Haha

  • I was crying when I read this post yesterday. I purchased the fold 3 last friday for $1599 😭

    • If you got it via PB with 'PB Care'(extended warranty style offer) that covers 30 day price protection(refunds the amount it drops by)

    • Drop a message thru the website they might be able to price match the sale

  • I managed to score one this morning, the guy at PB told me they were sold out when he checked the website, but then he check the actual store stock and got one for me.

  • If anyone has a spare one please let me know. I called my mum overseas and she said she wants it and I missed out on it.

  • +1

    I've purchased z fold 3 one and half years ago. The device is still excellent condition. So after using it over 1.5 years, I'm quite confident about the folding durability and quality. So when I saw the jaw dropping price discount, I ordered one more. Without deciding what to do with it… By seeing "OUT OF STOCK" title, seems I made a good decision despite I have one already. lol Thanks OP.

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