This was posted 1 year 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Get $50 for Talking to a Home Loan Coach (Requires Having a Home Loan, No Obligation to Move) @ ANZ (Customers & Non-Customers)


Ad just came up on Facebook - $50 free for a 15 min check in with an ANZ home loan coach. Don't have to have a bank account with ANZ, and assume your loan can already be with ANZ. No obligation to move, so can have a quick chat and collect $50.

From the site:

Talk to an ANZ Home Loan Coach
If you’re wondering whether your home loan is still right for you, we can help you make the best call with our new Home Loan Check In.

No matter who you bank with, our ANZ Home Loan Coaches can work with you to make sure your home loan is structured to suit your needs. The Home Loan Check In is free, there is no obligation and it will only take about 15 minutes. Plus, for a limited time you’ll receive $50 just for checking in.

To see how you could do better with an ANZ Home Loan, request a Home Loan Check In.


  • Limit $50 per household. The offer is not transferable to any other person, or exchangeable.
  • For ANZ Home Loan customers, the $50 will be paid into one of your ANZ accounts as chosen by us.
    / For non ANZ Home Loan customers, ANZ will require your bank account details at the time of the Home Loan Check In.
  • The $50 payment will automatically be paid to your account within approximately 10 business days of completing the Home Loan Check In.

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    Another condition: " To be eligible for a Home Loan Check-In you will need to have an existing home Loan with a New Zealand home loan provider. You can find out more about applying for a home loan here. "

  • I've requested a check in. I'm not happy with our current bank anyway so this may actually be genuinely useful as well as profitable

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    Noticed aswell they are offering $500 cashback if you take out home insurance for 91 days

    • Thanks for pointing this out. This deserves a deal post on cheapies!

  • thanks

  • Thanks OP. Put a request in, let's see if this works:)

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    Why ANZ is so desparate to give $50 bonus lol there was another ad I saw the other day like open up an account with ANZ and get $50 credit. Myself not ANZ customer but I find this bit desparate move to get customers.

    • Most likely due to slump in home sales, their home loan borrowing is not meeting the targets. So would be trying to pull customers from other banks.

    • $50 is not much for a bank to dangle as a carrot.
      You still need to have an exisitng home loan so that already narrows the number of people who are eligible.

    • considering home loans usually earn banks hundreds of thousands in interest payments i think $50 is reasonable. They use to pay thousands for qualified lead referrals.

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        Totally , the cost to generate leads is generally enormous. With this scheme they get to talk 1:1 to potential already pre qualified (since you need a loan) customers for $50 - what an absolutely bargain for them. I bet their normal lead generation cost is like 10 or 100x this per qualified customer. Quite a good scheme, you can expect others to come out with something similar soon.

    • ASB is also offering $100 if you move your Kiwisaver to them and use their tool as shown at . Seems banks are dangling a lot of tiny carrots at the moment for customers. I took up the ASB one beucase the fees actually worked out better for me and I have very little in Kiwisaver at the moment. Will probably move it later.

  • I wonder it’s just for some information gathering? Especially you are not with ANZ currently?

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    Well, that was easy. Conversation took all of 5 minutes and the ANZ rep was easy to deal with.

    • What sort of questions were asked?

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        He was interested in my current loan arrangements - term, rate etc. He would have walked through what ANZ could offer but my loan is fixed at a low rate so he didn't bother.

    • How did you ensure they had your bank account details, if you don't mind my asking? Did they ask you for them?

      • I emailed them to the ANZ rep I dealt with after the call. Might pay to remind the person who calls you about that if they don't mention it. Payment should show up next week apparently.

    • My call took about 20 minutes, had him on speaker while I was working so no problem, lots of questions but he was nice, no pressure. Was on 16/05, no money yet but still a few days until it's 10 business day. The guy didn't mention the $50, I did at some point, I have an ANZ account so it will be paid into it.

  • Thanks OP, I did the form. Waiting for the call now,

  • Completed the call yesterday. I was already an ANZ customer needing to refix soon, so it was a good chat to explore my options. Something I would have done anyway.

  • Wonder how many times you can get them to call you, especially on a different SIM

    • You'd probably need different account numbers to tell them and I wonder if they check your financials they record your IRD number which is unique?

      • They didn't ask for my IRD when they called me. Different account numbers is easy and I can just sign up to a free ANZ account

  • Got the money credited into my account this afternoon.

  • Got payment yesterday. My call was 1.5 weeks ago and I could have been off the phone in 2 minutes if I wanted. I think she saw I had just refixed and things well structured. Current ANZ customer.

  • Got the promo money yesterday. About 4 weeks later.

    • Same. Chased them twice.

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