Prices Going up? 42" LG C2 Now 'on special' for $1000 More than a Month Ago?

Hi folks,

Thought cheapies might be the more sensitive to this sort of balogna goings on.

I noticed that the price for the 42 LG C2 is now being advertised as 'on special' at Noel Leeming and Harvey Norman as on offer despite being higher than at any point in the last six months.

This is also true for other LG CX products but the earliest for some is 5 months ago.

Cause for a commerce commission complaint? What is your opinion?


  • What were the specific prices?


    • The pricespy graph about tells it.

      I noticed that the instore had clearance for $1999 recently

      • Looks like $1,279.00 was JB Hi-Fi

        Lowest for Harvey $1,589.00 (2023-04-19)
        Lowest for NL $1,589.00 (2023-04-17)

  • There are specials and "specials". At $1279, it was at the sharpest end of the former I have seen, but the bouncing around $1800-2000 are the latter.

    Welcome to the sales model of the future today, where they prey on FOMO and people who don't do their research. I have kept an eye on TV price trends for a couple of years now, and while the 'Rona 2020 tour really screwed the pooch a little, it tends to follow a cycle where the Black Friday-April prices are the lowest, and nowish is when they are clearing out the old for new models, which are never quite as good as BF pricing.

    Wish I'd picked it at $1279 for a desktop monitor… but oh well, still get the joy from my Panasonic OLED

  • I've been keeping and eye on the LG C2 42'', and looks like they're slowly starting to sell out / phase out.

    Looks like Noel Leeming is sold out. and PB Tech only have a ex-demo left. Hopefully Harvey Norman do a good sale on it soon!

    • +1

      My local NL has one in display. I'm waiting for a good eol discount.

      The best I've been offered is full price but free insurance. (Worked there a while ago )

      • You managed to get your 42'' LG C2 yet?!

        (tried to send you a private message, but wasn't able to haha)

        • +1


          Was offered it for $1500 with pp. Or ddrrrddrdd drumroll $1500 without.

          I'll be patient. Got a call about a $900 something lg c1 last year but didn't have a way to get it to me

          • @LonelyShower: I just can't believe it went all the way down to $1280 back in April earlier this year and I didn't buy it. Really kicking myself about it lol

            Harvey Norman have some stock, hopefully they'll do some sort of deal this Friday.

  • Remember, a special doesn't have to be equal or lower to the last one. It just has to be a discount on the price the store would normally sell it for (not RRP either).

    • +1

      Of course.

      But it does set a baseline for cheapie punters

  • well team. They sold the floor model I was lazily watching.

    Having a chat with the team instore told me that it was sold for an amount that is a good chunk more than the lowest price ever.

    As they say 'im a sad panda'

    • You hate to see it

    • Dodged a bullet IMO.
      C3's will eventually drop

      • -1

        Not really?
        C3 is basically the same as the C2 and he'll have to wait a very long time (~6months or so) to even get a price similar to that of the C2 he was looking at.

        You also don't know if they'll drop the prices as low on the C3 as they did the C2. You could argue that since the C2 prices went below the C1 prices towards the end of their lifecycle, you MIGHT see a similar drop in the C3 next year, but this is an unknown. With the chip shortage now in the rearview mirror and inflation we're in a completely different market environment than a few years ago so its hard to rely on historical discounting as a certainty going forward.

        And the whole time he's waiting for this 'deal' on the C3, he's not been able to enjoy the C2 that he could of purchased earlier which really sucks for him.

  • Noel Leeming just started a flash sale at the moment on TVs, and the C3 42'' is goign for $2519, 'cheapest' it's been on pricespy, but still pretty expensive.…

    I'm patiently waiting for it to drop below $2k, could be while though haha. Perhaps blackfriday?

    (Also for some reason, Noel Leeming is included in the Pricespy list of sellers for this item).

    • when I was there blackfriday was more about selling event models than discounting the main lines much.

      LG CS was the C1 alternative, for example. Some of them are bad (sony x70? Cant remember the model but they had one that was running their linux os instead of google tv in ~ 2020, lots of returns) but some are okay

      • Yeah you're right, will just keep waiting until something good pops up hopefully!

        • There's been a bunch of random cheap stuff listed from noel leeming over on the low quantities thread every few days.

          fingers crossed it pops up in there

    • Oops was meant to say Noel Leeming isn't* included in the pricespy list of sellers

  • Thought this might interest you @lonleyshower just saw this over at ozbargain

    If only NZ had something similar!

  • Still not nearly as cheap as in Aus but the LG 42" C3 has dropped to ~$1850 at JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming (and The Market) and PB Tech. It's the cheapest it's been.

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