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20% off First Wonky Box (Auckland & Wellington)


Not sure how long it’s running for, was a sponsored post on instagram.

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Wonky Box
Wonky Box

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    Have had a fortnightly vege+fruit box from this place for a while. Produce is always good quality and really fresh, so it doesn't feel wonky.

    If you've got a local fruit+vege shop this won't be anything too amazing price wise. But even at the full price, boxes from here are a pretty good deal, and a step above the supermarkets in my experience.

  • Only available in Auckland or Wellington

    • and Manawatu

  • These boxes are really only an option if you use ALL the fruit/veg. Otherwise you’re just wasting money as it’s not actually any cheaper than supermarket or farmers markets tbh.

    • I guess there's a benefit knowing what's in the upcoming box to meal plan around those vegetables.

      • And recipes to use those veggies. I think it's a great way to broaden your fruit and veggie horizon past your usual weekly staples. The greater your fruit and vegetable variety the better in my opinion. Too bad they don't deliver in my area 🙁

  • Can you just get one delivered then cancel?

    • I imagine so, their website states under FAQ:

      "Currently, we only sell our Wonky Boxes on subscription. This help's with forecasting for produce each week and betters our grower relationships. If you sign up with Wonky, you can skip weeks or cancel your subscription at any time."

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