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2 Wicked Wings, Regular Potato and Gravy, Bread Roll & Chips $6.50 @ KFC


2 Wicked Wings, reg Potato and Gravy, a Bread Roll & Chips. for $6.50 @KFC( for limited time)

Lunch sorted with our $6.50 Fill Up

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  • Here's the deal pic from the Email newsletter, it's not on the KFC website.


    • thanks @Avantime for sharing

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    Don’t forget the survey code for another free small chips and regular drink

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    And biff the potato and gravy straight in the bin

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      I’ll have it!

      • 🤢 and you would be welcome to it!

      • for dipping your chips into!

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          Why would I ruin my chips with that weird tasting flour paste ? It tastes so rank these days, like salt and chicken tears.

          • @Rabid: I was referring to the gravy rather than the mash, but yes, not a fan of the mash but the gravy is alright.

  • How are you meant to order if it's not on the website / app and there's no PLU code ? In-store only ?? That's a bit crap

    • Its such a mess now, I got a lunch the other day i just said the name without plu code as the next screen asked an address.
      Im surprised it doesn't hurt thier business when they force you to use an app to shop there.

    • It's on the website under new because its not a coupon, saw it there yesterday.

      • Ok yip you're right. I never looked myself, just took the word of OP haha.

        I see also that the same deal / price is available for a single piece of chicken rather than the 2x wings.

        In which case if you had a feedback code you can add that for the extra chips / drink like was suggested previously

  • Don't really feel this is a good deal.
    As far as I'm concerned all the potato and bread products are worthless, esp the bread which I usually just discard.
    2 wicked wings for 6.5.
    Literally only thing that can get me back into KFC is giveme5

    On that note even Dominos have increased their price on the value range. Still prob the only fastfood left that has "low" priced items.

    Burgerfuel easily have had the most steep price increase. Even with "free" fries/drink it's not worth it. Only decent deal is buy 1 get 1 free.

    • Surely the recent promotions from kfc had you in for free kfc?

      • Yip I've been getting twice weekly free KFC feeds through the cricket and rugby comps. Not that great on their own but stack 2 or 3 orders and they're great!

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