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Green Cola 10 Pack 330ml Cans (BBD 19 April 2023) $4.97 (Normally $17.50) @ The Warehouse


Green Cola 330ml Can 10 Pack BBD 19 April 2023 $4.97 (Normally $17.50) at The Warehouse.

Note: Best before 19/04/23. But should be good for some time being that it's not an expiry date.

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  • Coke IMO is use by not best before. Every time ive had a coke that has tasted not 100% i have tipped over the can only to find the can is past the best before date.

  • Green Cola? has anyone tried this in past?

    • +1

      Hard to explain …. It tastes bloody awful (Sugar Free) and it's not Coke.

      $5 to try it is ok but even my 8-9 year old boys turned their noses up at it. VERY strange flavour.

      • Thanks! I will pass

      • Thanks :)

    • Ive tried it and i like it but for some odd reason its gives me the shits after 1 full can, helps if your constipated (think thats spelt right). I still drink it if ive got no other coca cola or sprint at home.

      • You noticed that too! The flatulence is pretty bad also!

    • Its so bad no wonder they are trying to move it.

    • The reviews look good on the whole! At 50 cents a can I'm going to get my husband to give it a go - he loves fizz!

  • Disclaimer: I've never bought nor tasted this product. I can't recommend it as a coke/pepsi replacement.
    Regarding gas issues… No idea.
    I simply saw it listed a couple of days ago on TWH site and decided to post it as it may be of some use to someone 😆

    • +1

      I'm sorry @wowbigdeal but I am going to hold you solely responsible for my flatulence

      • +3

        An Arsonist with flatulence could be dangerous.
        Be careful not to ignite yourself.

      • @Arsonist my apologies for the pants ripper this morning

        • 🥤😣💨💥

          • @Arsonist: no wonder I heard a huge explosion out in Massey the other day, that explains it

  • I just bought a box from Lyall Bay, it was down to $1.97. Tasted fairly good ice cold out of the fridge but became more yuck over time. I havent finished my can. If you like the taste of Stevia this is the drink for you. Its definitely not Coke, as much as it looks like it!

    • Those Coke no sugar or stevia versions are big failures too.

      • I quite like Coke Zero Sugar. But i think that one has Aspartame not Stevia. Stevia tastes like ass.

  • My order from Saturday just got refunded! We won't get to try this after all!

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